Hardik Gothi’s YUZUH is Disrupting The Traditional Method Of Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry

India is one of the world’s most advanced economies and has been producing a number of successful entrepreneurs over the years. However, very few people in the world ever want to walk on the path of walking in the entrepreneur’s route. The failure stories create fear among them. Despite the fear, there have been plenty of people in the world who want to become entrepreneurs and who are currently holding the job as an entrepreneur. One such example is- Mr HardikGothi who is coming up with his new company called YUZUH.

YUZUH is an IT-enabled startup that aims to bring a change in the traditional methods of procurement and logistics for the real estate construction and the infrastructure development industry. They are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. YUZUH is founded by Hardik Gothi and Zuhaib Mohammed.

Hardik Gothi is a first-generation entrepreneur having over a decade of experience leading an EPC company. He has delivered more than 1.5 million square feet of construction work across Maharashtra state.

Armed with an MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management, he has worked across the industry and is intimately aware of the risks and realities of the traditional models in the infrastructure industry.

Whereas Zuhaib Mohammed owns over 12 RMC manufacturing plants in Mumbai and being an engineer by qualification, Zuhaib possesses a strong grip on the infrastructure and construction sector. During his tenure, he has built strong relationships in the construction industry. Leveraging his position, Zuhaib heads business development and operations at YUZUH.

This startup is a B2B model to provide high-quality building materials at unmatched prices, with easy and transparent processes through technology-based platforms.

The goal is to introduce innovative technologies in the infrastructure industry, revolutionizing procurement procedures and exceeding customer expectations. This will lead to integrating offline business practices, with online user-friendly systems that guarantee transparency and accountability with all transactions, eliminating the risks of traditional cash-heavy and risk-intense exchanges.

This is how YUZUH will disrupt the traditional methods of the real estate construction & infrastructure development industry by making the procurement and logistics process smoother than ever before.

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