How Blast Freezers Improve Your Business Productivity

Blast freezers have become necessary cold storage units in many industries, especially those dealing with highly temperature-sensitive and delicate products. So, there arises the need for such companies to invest in such a freezer.

But, it might so happen that you might not know what a blast freezer is, let alone justifying why you should invest. Therefore, it makes sense to discover what blast freezing is, as that will pave the way for understanding what blast freezers are all about.

What is Blast Freezing?

Blast freezing involves pushing cold air through the stored products at a very high velocity and shallow temperature. The freezing technique can lower temperature to about -34 degrees C. Freezers based on this freezing technique are called blast freezers, which come in different sizes and configurations. Some blast freezers can reach temperatures up to -60 degrees C.

Benefits of Blast Freezers

When it comes to preserving the effectiveness of delicate and highly-temperature sensitive items, a blast freezer can be the right solution. It can prove to be an excellent advantage for your business. 

These freezers work by quickly decreasing the temperature of the stored products. Quick cooling minimizes the loss from evaporation compared to a normal cooling process, as in a standard refrigerator.  

Moreover, quick cooling helps in reducing the size of ice crystals that form on the stored products. Large ice crystals can damage stored items, such as food, when they are defrosted. It increases the release of moisture to damage the flavor and texture.

There are some specific benefits of blast freezers, which are as follows:

More Space 

These freezers come in many sizes to suit businesses of all sizes, big or small. Typically, blast freezers have more space to store more products. As you can keep more products, there will be less wastage. With the rapid cooling feature, the freezers allow the frozen products to last longer. And that allows for more time to store new products. In blast freezers, you can keep some products, such as seafood, for months in the frozen state, reducing wastage significantly. 

Strengthen Brand Image

Possessing a blast freezer can not only be beneficial in the sense that it helps you to store delicate and highly temperature-sensitive products for a more extended period but there can be other aspects too. One of the aspects could be strengthening your brand image.

With such a cold storage unit, you can ensure your customers that you sell high-quality, fresh, and full of flavor. For example, you can significantly extend the life of poultry and fish while maintaining freshness with such a freezer. 

When customers can see that you sell the best quality products, they will trust your brand. As a result, your brand image will strengthen substantially. 

You can also increase your supply with a blast freezer because such freezers can hold more products. When you sell your products to more people, your revenue will increase. 

If you are running a business that caters to the public sector, such as food delivery, a blast freezer will prove immensely beneficial. It can preserve nutrients, enabling you to sell nutritious food to your customers. 

Eliminates Bacteria

When perishable items, like food, move on trucks for delivery, they develop bacteria. When the temperature goes a bit higher, bacteria will multiply and spread. Such products tend to degrade after they reach the selling points, the stores. With its rapid cooling technology, blast freezers keep the products in a frozen state, disallowing bacteria growth.

Bacteria is not only harmful to products but also to humans if consumed. Temperatures below the freezing point can retard the growth of bacteria. And a blast freezer can help restrict bacteria growth.  

Restricts Food Shrinkage

Blast freezers can help food store owners in preserving their food effectively. If they keep some foods in a standard refrigerator, they can shrink in size due to moisture loss. But, with a blast freezer, there is no reason to worry. Blast freezers can prevent food shrinkages by stopping natural dehydration, ultimately reducing the dehydration level.

Preserves Potency of Delicate Pharmaceuticals

Blast freezers can be essential assets for the pharmaceutical industry, handling delicate and temperature-sensitive items like vaccines, biologics, blood plasma, etc. And, these items can get damaged if they get exposed to temperatures outside the prescribed range.  

For the pharmaceutical industry, blast freezers can store such items preserving their potency. Apart from that, these freezers bear features like temperature monitoring, compatibility with shipping containers or trailers, and large capacities. These features are beneficial to preserve the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. Besides, the rapid freezing part of blast freezers helps keep some materials safe and usable and quick pre-conditioning of Phase Change Materials.


Now, you seem to have come to know that a blast freezer can help you to flourish your business by keeping your delicate and temperature-sensitive items in potent conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a blast freezer. But, make sure you choose a reputed manufacturer before buying one. 

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