How Claude Charbit Became the Big Gun of the Nightlife Industry

Success doesn’t come easily to the ones who are looking for it. But it comes to the ones who are not focused on the results, but on the efforts. As a wise man once said, “You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work.” The Digital Age has created a race lifestyle, everyone is racing towards success. But how can one achieve it? Claude Charbit, who is the big gun of the Parisian nightlife industry shares his success story, and how to smash your goals. 

His Story 

Charbit started his career in the nightlife industry with Palais Maillot. He was 18 years old when he started working for the club. Under his direction, the club became popular. Soon, he made connections with popular artists and their managers. After three years at Palais Maillot, he went ahead and took the reins of Aristo Club rue de Ponthieu. He made this place the trendiest one in Paris. His partnerships started growing, and everyone in the industry was willing to work with him. Jean Roch and Charbit, together made The VIP Room, the hottest place in Paris. 

Later, Charbit came up with a place of his own- the Monsieur Cirque. He made it into a fun and exciting place to be. He expanded his nightlife business to three more places, and is now ruling the nightlife industry in Paris. Charbit has three more businesses to his name- Bagatelle Paris, The Tam Tam Paris, The Neverland. His success in the industry came with hard work. Here are some lessons Charbit learned from his experience. This is how he became a successful entrepreneur. 

Connect, Connect, Connect.

When he was working at Palais Maillot, which was the first club he ever worked for, Claude wasn’t satisfied with only managing the parties. He craved for interactions. Charbit is a charmer, he knows how to deal with people and connect with them. So, he tried forming connections, and alliances with artists and their managers. So, whenever an artist wants to throw another party, they could connect Charbit. Forging connections, and creating a network of contacts around the world, helps all kinds of businesses, as it did for Charbit. His clubs became so popular that even Rihanna, the Pussycat Dolls, Flo-Rida ,and Chris Brown did their after-shows there. 

Take Risks.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that – risks are unavoidable. One cannot do great things by sitting in the comfort zone. You have to think out of the box, and take risks, try new ideas. Charbit takes risks in his own way. Nightlife industry demands to be trendy, one cannot afford to stay behind. Charbit whips up new ideas and takes risks for his clubs. That is how he organized freak shows at his club. It is a great attraction for party goers who want to be on the wild side. Taking risks will pay off in the long run. But always take calculated risks, do not dive in blind. 

Understand the Market Needs.

Profits happen when customers buy your product or service. And it will only sell if you provide customers what they need. Anticipating customer needs is a crucial point for any business man. Charbit knows the Parisian nightlife industry like the back of his hand. He anticipates the needs of party goers, and offers them their desires. From freak shows to talented artists on stage, he throws parties of lifetime. Any business, no matter big or small, depends on the customer’ needs. Anticipating it beforehand gives you the edge. That way you stay ahead of the curve. 


Industries get saturated, similar ideas take over all businesses and then customers don’t see a point in buying it anymore. But reinventing prevents market saturation. Charbit knows many ways to re-invent his clubs. When he first opened Monsieur Cirque, it was a disco pub, later it became a party hotspot for wild party goers. Then he started organizing Neverland, a treat for party goers, but a little more exclusive. Rebranding your business from time to time is necessary. It allows you to stay in the game. 

Charbit has become a popular figure in the Parisian nightlife industry because of his innovative ideas. Now, he is all set to go international, he has interacted with artists from around the world. His parties are hot spots for the city’s elite and who’s who. Charbit believes that if he can do it, then anyone with determination can do it. You just need the push!

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