How Entrepreneur Christopher Saint Uses Business and Art Forces for Healing

Art is known to be the best therapy for psychological issues and enhancement of mental health. Creativity in art allows for healing and mental well-being as people rely on them to communicate and express themselves. Art in this context can either be music, dance, writing, or expressive therapy.

The main idea is to utilize the creative process to aid other people to discover self-expression and find ways to gain more personal insights and new skills to cope with their conditions. It does not matter whether you are the creator or listener; art will help you explore your emotions, cultivate self-awareness, enhance self-esteem, and help you manage stress. 

The LGBTQ+ community is primarily faced with mental strains as society seems to sideline them. Most of their members are heavily drenched in emotional turmoil and need help to restore their self-esteem and self-awareness. Christopher Saint, a queer music artist, is among the few individuals capitalizing on the arts’ potential as a force for healing.

The two-time graduate turned guest lecturer at the University of Southern California Annenberg is a proud queer artist of color and entrepreneur in the media and creating marketing spaces. Christopher believes in the power of creativity and storytelling is the center of world change. 

“In a way, our current system of economics has normalized the exploitation of people. I see enterprise and the arts as conduits through which we can serve more and more people and foster a more loving world. Why I choose to make impact the way I do is because when I have a seat at the table or am in a position of leadership, I can extend that goodwill back to others in the way many of our leaders and CEOs have not. This is extremely important living in the times of “Black Lives Matter,” “Stop Asian Hate,” and other movements demanding public outcry are at a fever pitch.” 

His passion for visual storytelling to inspire and motivate other people drove him into the entertainment and media industry. He has spent over a decade in the industry, and his success is evident. He established trends for digital and social media evolution for prolific publishers such as People’s magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Time Inc., and some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Today, Christopher has his creative marketing agency, called Palette Studio LA, to develop digital content and innovative strategies for many companies and global entertainment brands, such as Time Magazine, People

Magazine, Paris Hilton, Favored Nations, The Los Angeles Times and the Kardashian-Jenner family. 

Christopher is paving the way for himself as a speaker and advocate. He intends to continue using his magical voice to impact society. He has been able to speak to audiences with companies and organizations, such as Bank of America, The Special Olympics, The LA Times Business Forum, and The Los Angeles LGBT Center. He believes in the power of ideas to transform the world and expresses such ideas to inspire and transform new audiences. 

For me, advocacy and entrepreneurship are intrinsically tied. The plight of an entrepreneur and artist in these times are extremely challenging but essential. Recognizing the risk of not attempting to make change, however, is worse. If we aren’t moving towards building new infrastructure, we don’t give our legacy a fighting chance for generations to come. Being a business-owner, storyteller and artist are some of the most powerful tools of advocacy we have in our arsenal.

Set for many new music releases this summer, Christopher’s journey as a musician is an inspiring one. His song ‘Love is Love’ is exceptional and was adopted as an anthem for LGBTQ+ community anthem. The video won him an award for the best music video, and Christopher was honored to grace the Pride Festivals in Southern California as a speaker and performer.

This illustrates how influential art is in transforming society. Over the years, Christopher earned his first production deal for his debut album and has appeared in national commercials featuring him as an artist played across the country. 

Additionally, he launched Made in Love, a social cause movement he intends to use to advocate for healing in society. The Made in Love Movement is an influential collection of artists dedicated to magnifying the consciousness of love in the community.

The platform has provided him and other artists a platform to share their unique stories and truths. Christopher applauds the music and entrepreneurship industries for teaching him how to actualize his path. Essentially, the present community is bound to judge all your actions. It is important to block them off and challenge the self-limiting beliefs imposed by our cultures and charge towards your destiny. 

We all benefit in this world when each of us connects to the unlimited resource of love that is our truth. I believe that the tools of the modern world can be used to foster our own personal and collective empowerment instead of the way we exist now where institutional gatekeepers and power structures disempower us and disconnect us from our love within. This requires a great deal of healing and structural transformation but I am confident we have it in us and that we can continue to create change, each in our own ways. We have a purpose and that purpose is to create love.

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