Music Acquisition as Passion

Lots of rappers always follow their dream of becoming the successful rapper of their time. Lokolil is somehow different; he wanted to pursue hip-hop music as his career, but his father supported him in his mission. This shows how his father was extremely supportive of him; however, he soon left the world, leaving scars on Khalil Durden’s heart.

He became even more passionate to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming one of the leading artists from the Bronx. He makes drilled songs on top of the sampled beats.

Lokolil Turned Difficulties into His Successes

Khalil Durden used music as a tool to create a secure life for himself. He has two babies he wants to give a better life through his songs, voiding hurdles he faced in his childhood. He was a street boy when he was a kid and soon lost his family and friends. During such a tough time, he still didn’t lose hope and set his sight on the bright lights of the music industry.

From his early childhood days, he had collected so many stories that he always wanted to share with the world. He spent many days in youth writing and playing around with music lyrics to open up about his pain and experiences.

Love For Music

Lokohil’s talent has inspired many brands who want to work with him in the future. He is gradually becoming an iconic artist for his unique work for Bronx Dill, a highly popular genre in the music industry. He has developed an aptitude for a style that is deeply loved and connected to his fans.

His genuine tough life experiences have crafted his storytelling and provided an element of realism for his fans to relate to. His lyrics mostly speak about the hardships that he faced while going through this journey. His originality and authenticity have gained him respect from many in the community. Big names in the industry have acknowledged Lokolil’s talent, including Kazi Magazine, No Jumper, Shawn Barron from Motown, and YouTube sensation BLOU.

Famous Music Hits of Lokolil

Khalil Durden has given back-to-back hits to his audience. Such attraction of the people towards his songs shows how deeply he has touched the hearts of his fans with his unique content and rapping style.

Response to Criticism

Like other big artists, Lokolil doesn’t care about the hatred showered over him for no reason. He believes in constructive criticism and always keeps in touch with his fans to get their feedback about his music. If someone criticizes for a genuine reason, he appreciates and gives a positive response to his critique. However, his haters are not less in number, and he knows it for sure. Thus, he focuses more on his fans than those who show him a hatred for no reason.

He has grabbed the attention of some of the greatest genres who are waiting to see what this multi-talented artist will create next.

Inspiration to Youth

Lokolil is an inspiration to many who want to be like him and do something special in their lives. He is always open to helping the youth and is always in contact with them on his social media profiles.

You can know more about his music on his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

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