How Prezentium is Putting the “Zen” into Business Presentations

If you had to estimate, how many total hours would you say you’ve spent making effective business presentations? Whether it’s for a vital stakeholder meeting on Zoom, brand plan or national sales conference, busy professionals want to make sure that the time and effort put into crafting effective presentations is reflected in the presentation itself; keeping audiences engaged with clear messaging, graphics and technical expertise. 

The time and energy to becoming the next PowerPoint master or digital design guru is often out of reach for most middle managers on short deadlines. Enter Prezentium; a company dedicated to streamline the entire presentation process with an overnight turnaround that is less than 16 hours.

Master Your Pre-Zen-tation

Prezentium works with some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500, including top tier Healthcare and Technology companies. They have built over 1M+ slides with a state-of-the-art proprietary process that combines the power of business understanding with visual design and data science, saving users millions of hours each year that would otherwise be spent on painstakingly preparing materials by hand. This reduced hassle means that ideas can shine more brightly and help you stay focused on timely deliverables.

Prezentium’s process is remarkably simple. Email Prezentium’s team of dedicated and passionate professionals your presentation information by 5:30pm in the evening. Their team works their magic overnight, and by 9:30am the following morning, you will have received a fully built and polished presentation deck directly into your email inbox.

Yes – that’s it. That’s how Prezentium puts the “Zen” into their name: by making sure that your time stays free to tackle the pressing challenges in your business and its schedule, and not having to worry about the font styling or formatting of slides 7-10. It’s no wonder customers use phrases like “Christmas in a box” and “my secret weapon” to describe the service.

Presentations with Heart

Co-founded in 2015 by Rajat Mishra, a Silicon Valley Business Journal “40 Under 40” and former Senior Vice President at Cisco who helped manage the company’s $14B/year CX business, Prezentium understands that business understanding and visual design are crucial components in vibrant and purposeful business storytelling, along with the purpose behind the story itself.

“Every child should have the opportunity to realize their true potential,” says Mishra, which is why Prezentium dedicates $1 for every slide produced to their charity partners in Uganda, India, and the USA. Over the last five years, Prezentium has helped over 1000 children realize their true potential through the company’s integrative philanthropy initiatives.

Thought Leadership

Prezentium also offers thought leadership services to its users and subscribers in the form of its weekly thought-provoking blog posts, and even a learning workshop where Prezentium’s users can discover new and innovative ways to solve and overcome challenging issues with insightful and interactive storytelling visuals. 

Users also receive weekly updates on Prezentium’s toolkit and methods to help professionals and managers master the art of storytelling for their business, as well as short daily videos to help reinforce the skills and lessons learned in their learning workshop.

They are also launching a podcast in March called “Think Deeply, Speak Simply” – a show about the art and science of communicating ideas and how everyday business leaders unlock their careers with great communication.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Business Presentations

Prezentium is bringing AI and Machine Learning into the business presentation space. They are also launching an AI-powered presentation productivity platform in Spring 2021. 

Mishra says, “Think of it like Netflix + Pandora for presentations. We are excited to combine business communication, visual design and machine learning to put the “Zen” into business presentations.”

About Prezentium

Prezentium’s mission is two-fold: to help democratize great business communication by helping busy professionals reclaim their time and make their ideas shine, and to help underprivileged children around the world realize their potential through integrative philanthropy. To learn more about how you can achieve pre-zen-tation, visit today.

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