How @RapMusic Took Over the Rap Industry

Few would ever have expected that a seemingly innocent Instagram account focused on sharing highlights and memes of football stars and sporting events would one day be one of the most popular and influential social media accounts on the web. Yet that is exactly what @RapMusic has become.

With nearly 4 million followers and boasting some of the internet’s most popular stars, @RapMusic has become an example of how the power of social media can be both unexpected and harnessed with careful strategy and adaptation.

The brilliant mind behind @RapMusic’s off-the-chart success is Dylan DeGennaro, a Quinnipiac University student with a bewildering ability to turn social media accounts into influence powerhouses. While few can explain how social media’s powerful algorithms and viral potential truly works, DeGennaro has shown that with a little bit of elbow grease an eye on trend, the unexpected can become the web’s most followed account.

A History of Unexpected Success

DeGennaro has amassed nearly 7 million followers and fans across a variety of social media channels. Yet even DeGennaro himself would be the first to admit that he never expected to end up where he is today.

DeGennaro began his social media success story by creating an Instagram account focused on posting and sharing football highlights. As the account grew, DeGennaro kept his finger on the pulse of his followers – noting when he felt he was reaching the peak of influence in that particular niche. At just the right moment, DeGennaro switched up his account and took his followers on an unexpected journey – the underground freestyle rap scene.

@Freestyles exploded onto the digital scene and quickly amassed enough followers to make it one of the most highly-followed rap-industry accounts online. To help @Freestyles grow in its impact on the industry, DeGennaro brought influential names and rising stars in the industry to the account, offering social media shoutouts that only fanned the flames of success.

As he did with his football highlights account, DeGennaro again flipped the script at just the right moment, moving from @Freestyles to the now-famously known @RapMusic. This move allowed his account to move from focusing on freestyles to the rap industry as a whole – opening the door to industry collaborations, networking, and marketing opportunities.

What’s Next for the Social Media Star

So after experiencing a meteoric rise in digital fame, what’s next for the social media mogul? DeGennaro has branched out from the success of @RapMusic to create a variety of other online accounts and channels that have helped him increase his reach in the market. By focusing on his other passions – such as growth hacking and music industry marketing – DeGennaro has created the online accounts @Male, @Rapping, and @Tracks to allow for his reach and influence to grow across the spectrum.

While the social media world is a fun way to build notoriety, DeGennaro admits that there is much more to his dream than simply creating popular accounts. This young digital influencer is looking toward the future, and planning to eventually  convert the @RapMusic account into a full-fledged music and media marketing company.

With his new venture, DeGennaro hopes to capitalize on his success and influence in the rap scene to build a new marketing firm that is focused on helping those in the music industry build their brand and reputation online. With his experience and expertise in creating viral content, DeGennaro has the ability to help rising stars reach above their competition and stand out in the new online marketplace. With his portfolio of online success in hand, DeGennaro hopes to help others quickly master the online influencer market – and begin to quickly enjoy online success with DeGennaro as their personal digital agent.

DeGennaro’s unique path to fame and fortune shows how unpredictable the digital social media world is, and how influencers are accomplishing the unexpected. His secret? Step out boldly and be willing to try, fail, and try again in an ever-changing online industry. You never know when your next social media account may become the online world’s favorite place to share and engage!

Want to learn more about Dylan DeGennaro’s rise to fame, and get a feel for how he creates his social media? Follow DeGennaro online at his various handles: @RapMusic, @Male, @Rapping, and @Tracks – and stay on the lookout for his new marketing company coming soon!

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