How This Entrepreneur Scaled 28 Solar Companies to Multiple Figures

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It is known that, in the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. In other words, it is important for an individual to look back and build on the past. After all, success is not built on success; it is built on failure. Bill Murphy has utilized this concept in business to develop some of the most successful solar companies in the world.

Through his solar consulting program, Murphy has transformed the direction of solar businesses, and he has done so in only a matter of months. Bill Murphy is the founder of The Solar Cheat Code (SCC), a consulting program that teaches solar companies to lead generation techniques. The 34-year-old is the owner of one of the most dynamic online solar sales and lead generation training companies.

Additionally, Murphy is a serial solar entrepreneur who has co-founded 8-figure solar sales and installation companies. His experience as an entrepreneur sparked the idea of consulting, and it has been through this journey that his success has been continuous.

It Began Out of Necessity

While Murphy never had the opportunity to graduate college, he began working out of mere necessity. He began learning the art of selling and marketing. After the direct focus on these different areas of business, he landed a job at a Gold’s Gym. As his first “real” job, Murphy began as a Membership Director, making about 20 dollars per membership sale.

While working at the gym, he realized that he was able to gain exposure with a diverse group of salespeople. Within months, Murphy was not only developing new skills, but he used his gained talent in sales to move up the ladder. It was soon after that he was a Regional Manager of 7 Gold’s Gym locations and oversaw a team of over 250 employees.

Despite his success in his new position, Murphy knew that he wanted to do something big. As a naturally adventurous person, he wanted to venture out and start all over because he knew he was capable of the impossible. The fact that he was aware of his greatness meant that indeed, he could do anything and accomplish the unthinkable.

It was one of his co-workers that sparked a conversation that changed his life. His friend was the marketing consultant for the gym locations at the time and after much discussion on starting a business together, they made it happen.

It Continued as a Door of Opportunities

Murphy owned several sales and installation companies before starting The Solar Cheat Code consulting program. Through owning these companies, he was able to self-educate and create his own lead funnels by pulling the best practices from other companies. While he began buying solar leads from third parties, Murphy was taking note and improving the practices on his own.

After much experience, he began to collect data, make adjustments, and ultimately create the best ways to reach the success his companies needed. Over time, Murphy continued to see incredible results. Through their ad positioning and the in-depth understanding of the solar industry, Murphy knew that he could open a door of opportunities. This is where The Solar Cheat Code began and continued to bring Murphy closer to unbelievable achievements.

As a consulting company and with previous successful experience, Murphy was sharing what he had learned with others. He was sharing and selling—and that was everything.

It Became the Biggest Name in the Solar Industry

One of the most pivotal aspects in reaching the success Bill Murphy has achieved has been investing in yourself. Murphy has spent a lot on mentors, and it has ultimately paid off. He was able to get visibility on the exact steps he needed to start and scale his internet marketing company. Furthermore, the concept of his business has proven to be unique and has been established as the go-to company for solar systems advice.

Bill Murphy and the Solar Cheat Code are teaching solar companies the hidden secrets of online generation. Through their consults, they help these companies produce their own leads, on demand, without a digital marketer.

Murphy’s Solar Cheat Code is creating wildly profitable companies across the world. Over 125 companies are involved with the program, and they have been receiving instantaneous results. Since its founding in May 2018, they have done over $500k in sales and they are projected to make close to $3mil in annual revenue for 2019.

Bill Murphy has created a company that has become the biggest name in the solar industry, and he is just getting started. He began, he continued, and now he has become the best there is.

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