How This Personal Development Podcast is Helping You Level Up Your Life

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Can you relate to how paralyzing it can be at times to find the perfect personal development podcast for you to dive into? With over 2.6 million total podcasts being broadcasted into the world today, it is no easy task for a listener to find not only what they are looking for but what they need. 

Matt LeBris, host of The Decoding Success Podcast, was in those exact shoes, which is one of the main inspirations for him launching his show. He’d find himself listening to an interview or two as he’d commute to his full-time job with Daymond John of Shark Tank but having so many more questions for the guest being featured on the shows he was listening to. So, on December 2018, Decoding Success was born and has since made an impact globally, topping the charts in numerous countries. 

With the show currently being ranked in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide, LeBris set out on a journey to do exactly what the title of his show says – decode success. But what does that mean exactly? 

One of the show’s main goals is to elaborate on the fact that we must define success for ourselves. If we let society define it for us as individuals, we are going to live someone else’s life, which will ultimately lead us to an utter lack of happiness. That chase for happiness would be endless – from job titles to money to shiny material objects and beyond. So, after 200+ episodes, LeBris has asked just as many of his guests that question: “How do you personally define success?” 

The answers have been unique for every guest, including the likes of Grant Cardone, Mel Robbins, Patrick Bet-David, Dr. Nicole LePera, Dean Graziosi, Nicole Walters, and many more notable figures who continue to make an impact on the world from the largest of stages. The guests range from billionaire business figures to the most sought-after spiritual healers. He has even featured arguably the most dominant boxer of all time, Mike Tyson’s, happiness coach. All of which have been asked deep questions – leading many guests to honestly think about their responses with elongated pauses as they have never been asked such questions. 

The show has successfully helped individuals feel seen, heard, and guided to their essential selves by interviewing some of the world’s greatest and most impactful minds. The conversations have helped the ever-growing community of listeners unmask themselves, reprogram their conditioning, and stay curious to continue pursuing their highest potential. As the word success is generally associated with materials and shiny objects, the show has shined a light for three years on how important shifting your focus from the external to the internal truly is. 

Beyond decoding each interviewee’s definition of success and their journey to defining it as such, the conversations revolve around success in many different realms of life. You can find conversations based around relationships, business, spirituality, healing, health, wellness, and more. Providing listeners with in-depth discussions on said topics has garnered a community of high-performing individuals – those that want the most out of every area of their life. 

As the podcast continues to rise through the charts and make a global impact, Matt LeBris invites new listeners who want to achieve their greatest potential to join in on these conversations and become a part of the community that has become a staple in the personal development podcasting realm. 

To learn more about Matt and Decoding Success, head over to his website and the show’s YouTube channel. 

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