How TikTok Brought Masses Closer Amidst a Global Pandemic, According to Enforce Social

In 2020, when the world was forced to stay indoors and learn a new way of life amidst a global pandemic, TikTok became the most downloaded app for the year and acted as a bridge between friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. Enforce Social, one of America’s top TikTokgrowth management companies, tells us all about it.

While the Coronavirus wreaked havoc outside, forcing humans to adapt to an alternative lifestyle, TikTok proved to be more than just another app, say experts at Enforce Social.

The Chinese platform that was often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons soon evolved into more than just a favorite pastime. Per Enforce Social, scrolling through the app for fun quickly gave way to something more meaningful. It connected people when they were yearning for the company of another living being. It helped the masses stay in touch with all that was happening around the world. It even proved influential in inspiring creators and fans worldwide to take on a new identity and explore their talents and strengths.

Enforce Social witnessed a massive shift in the content strategy of the TikTok stars. The company shares that overnight, TikTokers were keeping their fans and followers accompanied in every space of their lives. They were in the kitchen teaching lock-down recipes. They were in the living room, offering families new ways to connect and stay entertained. They were sharing work-from-home tips to help everyone adapt to the new mode of work.

In the US alone, TikTok usage registered a whopping increase of 180 percent among the younger population aged 15 to 25. Enforce Social points out how these numbers speak volumes of the increasing influence of the app amongst a generation hungry for entertaining short-video content. 

Working relentlessly to help clients flourish on TikTok, Enforce Social knows everything about the growing strengths of this app. Work or fun, leveraging the benefits of TikTok is undoubtedly an excellent idea for every player wishing to make a mark on the social landscape.

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