How to Be a Power Couple

The last few years, a growing trend has surrounded buzzwords like “power couple” and “couple goals”; and, while a lot of people are aspiring to have healthy, powerful relationships, many don’t know how to create a Power couple dynamic.

Recently, my wife and I had been interviewed, asked to speak, and started a weekly episode on The Billion Dollar Body Podcast about being a power couple.  

The first thing to establish is that everyone can be a power couple. My wife, Amanda, and I have been working together since the day we got married. For us, we just couldn’t see us working separate jobs, and we were both very entrepreneurial. I think another power couple would be Elena and Grant Cardone. They are powerful individuals working towards a unified vision. 

Many people think you have to work together, inside of a business together, but that isn’t a requirement. All it takes is having a like-minded vision to a similar place or direction you two are headed, using your talents, skills, and abilities to support each other in getting to that place. Together, you are two people going after one vision using your strengths.

I’m so glad Amanda and I got married when we were broke because money has never been the reason we were together. Now it doesn’t hurt to have money to buy each other nice things and go on nice vacations, but at the core we love each other for who we are and not what we have in the bank. I tell everyone that, when you have an awesome relationship, you can conquer more. I personally wouldn’t be the man I am today or have built a successful business if it wasn’t for my wife.

As men, we can get caught up in our businesses, thinking that working harder will make our significant other happier when, in most cases, it’s not true. That is why I teach our male clients to be 3-dimensional businessmen, prospering in our health, wealth, and relationships. Because let’s face it, a wrong relationship or a divorce can destroy our business, so why not focus on making it amazing?  

Here Are the 3 Keys You Can Use to Be a Power Couple:

1. Have a Unified Vision:

The first thing that Amanda and I discovered was that we had to be on the same page with our vision and mission in life.

The best thing to do is to get clear on your vision with your partner early on in your relationship. Hear where your partner wants to go and know what you want for yourself before you dive into a relationship. Both people may not be fully committed to each other’s vision until there is a big measure of commitment, like engagement or marriage. Make communication your top priority so that you both know what the other wants. Write out the list of what you want and refer to that when you are looking for the person who will align with your vision.

In our relationship, we’ve both utilized Think and Grow Rich Statements, vision boards, and goal setting. Amanda and I both share the vision of changing lives, building businesses, and growing every single day no matter how uncomfortable it is. We are committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves and supporting one another. My wife may not always be in the day-to-day grind like I am, but our vision won’t change.

We will still be going after goals. Even if I’m speaking on stages and she is taking care of the kids, we both have important roles. Our roles might just look different.

So, in your current relationship OR future one, implement the power of like-minded vision, goal setting, and supporting each other in your role.

2. Communicate Everything:

The reason why communication is key is that the purpose of communication isn’t for someone to be right or wrong, but it’s an opportunity for better understanding one another. The more you understand each other, the more you can fall in love with each other. Being an entrepreneur or trying to be one isn’t easy, and if your spouse isn’t on board then you will experience a lot of tension. Communicate what your vision for the business is and why you are doing what you are so the other person can come on board. If they aren’t on board, it’s usually because of a lack of trust. You can build trust by keeping your word and honoring your commitments.

My wife and I know that when we are putting on a live event, we don’t spend as much time cuddling together in the mornings or nights and doing date days. However, that is just for a season and when the event is over, we set time aside to really enjoy each other.

As partners, we should want to better understand and communicate with each other so that we can provide better support. When you get support from your partner, you get a breakthrough. Support allows you to show up and give back, honoring the mission and vision of others, and getting in on opportunities for yourself, because you built up the experience and relationship.

What I love about my wife is that she isn’t afraid to tell me if I’m messing up or need to change something. The only reason she can call me out on my crap is because I know she wants the best for me and wouldn’t ever willingly hurt me.

Believe in your partner and push them to be the person who exceeds their potential. Your partner doesn’t need you to be another naysayer in their life. Choose to do the opposite and see what happens. You can’t control your partner, but you can support and believe in them.

3. Make it a Top Priority:

Business is important but never more important that your relationship. In order to be a power couple, you have to be 100% invested in your relationship, and that will only bring about more love between the two of you.

In the land of social media, we can all look at other people’s relationships and think they are better than ours, focusing on what we don’t have. As a high achiever, it’s great to look at things and be motivated, but if it ever comes to a point that you are more focused on your “lack” or being ungrateful for what you have already, you need to let go. Every relationship goes through challenges in life, and social media doesn’t always show that.

Amanda and I hear all of the time that people think our relationship has no challenges and conflicts. When you are running a business and spend almost the 90% of your time together, there are challenges. Happiness isn’t the absence of conflict. Every conflict Amanda and I have brings us closer together and a greater understanding of each other.

As men and women, we are very different and that is what makes life fun. We don’t want to be the same type of person. A few resources that you can use to celebrate you and your partner’s differences are the Disc Test, Myers Briggs, Men are from Mars ,Women are from Venus, and the 5 Love Languages.

Find what you love about your partner and let them know. Remember, what you focus on increases. You will feel more love when you focus on how amazing your partner is and what you love about them.

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