How to Buy Real, Active TikTok Followers

Whether you are building your business, brand, or influencer platform, it all comes down to authority. The more genuine followers you have associated with your TikTok account, the more engagement you will receive and authority as a brand leader established; but, when you are faced with a myriad of buying options, how do you choose which provider to help you grow?

Tiktok is one of the most attractive social platforms and fastest growing in popularity. But it’s also one of the best platforms to grow a fanbase quickly on, these days. With Instagram and other platforms becoming near impossible to stand out with their restrictive algorithms.

If you have ever purchased followers for your Instagram account, you may have fallen into the trap where you purchase from the first provider you see. The results are exactly what you paid for; your account rapidly swells in follower numbers and, as a veneer, it looks good, but when you get down to what really matters these numbers are essentially meaningless. Engagement is the fundamental component that really sets brands above the rest, having high a follower number isn’t good enough, it is the engagement your post receives that makes it reach new audiences. This basic principle now transcends the Instagram sphere and can be applied on TikTok. 

In this guide, we are going to breakdown the multifaceted issue of why purchasing none engaging followers is detrimental to your brand and how you can achieve your profile growth goals with a few simple changes to how you post on TikTok

Why Are Fake Followers Detrimental to Your Brand?

Social media is all about building authority and social proof. Social proof is a marketing conceptualisation that focuses on how to build authority around a product or a service, which results in garnering consumers trust and sets up the want to make the purchase or lifestyle change that matches the post. One of the best ways to generate social proof is wisdom of the crowd; the more users that actively use and endorse your products or lifestyle, the more other consumers will want to do the same. This conceptualisation feeds in as to why engagement is key, you want users to comment on your posts stating that they are already following the trend you are attempting to set up or will be buying into this trend at the earliest opportunity. 

Marketing companies and advertisers are looking for this engagement on posts, they don’t want to work with brands that have purchased followers to give the veneer of popularity without the fundamental principle of engagement. It is engagement that benchmarks you, not the number of followers you have. Correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but in real followers and engagement numbers, it is. The more real active followers your TikTok account has, the more your engagement increases. It is worth noting that high follower numbers and high engagement rates are not mutually exclusive, you can have a lower number of followers, but if you have built a meaningful dialogue with them, your engagement rate may be far higher than a brand that hasn’t done the same. 

Why Does Authenticity Matter on TikTok?

Irrespective of whether it is an advertising agency or user looking at your TikTok account, authenticity adds weight to it. Over the last five years, our lives have been saturated by curated, overtly edited and shamelessly sponsored content on Instagram that operates as someone’s highlight reel that mere mortals could never achieve, TikTok has turned this on its head. It is a platform where users feel they can be themselves in a safe environment. Gen Z has turned to TikTok in droves in order for a more authentic platform where they can be themselves and express who they are. The authenticity factor is important, especially to Gen Z who make up 26% of its global user base. If you purchase followers for your TikTok account, they must look authentic, they need to engage with your account like any other user. You are increasing the risk of having your account blacklisted by Gen Z users if they feel you are trying to compromise on the authenticity of the platform in order to market to them. 

TikTok’s Response to Purchasing Non-Engaging Followers 

The only people who really know TikTok’s algorithm are TikTok, but through anecdotal evidence, we are putting together a similar picture like the one painted by Instagram. TikTok doesn’t like fake followers that don’t engage, so as a result, they seem to be blocking accounts that engage in this behaviour. It may be that they also utilise the follower to engagement ratio in TikTok for your feature. If you have a large number of followers but don’t have the engagement rate that would normally correlate, you are then punished by not having your content shown to other users. 

How Can You Buy TikTok Followers Safely?

There are plenty of services out there that are offering real and active TikTok follower’s in the form of a growth service, but more often than not, you will end up with a product that doesn’t meet your target market and your needs, below are 2 options that I personally found are more reputable, and exceed customer expectations. Tokupgrade provides users with a viable method of purchasing followers that are not only genuine and active; they meet your target audience requirements. Target audience and communities are key on TikTok, as aforementioned Gen Z doesn’t take well to accounts that consistently engage but don’t reflect their core values, so you need to ensure you know who you want to market to. 

1). Tokupgrade – Grow Real TikTok Followers

Tokupgrade provides users with a seamless way to purchase genuine TikTok followers that engage with your account. Before you start, assess and plan what type of followers you want to attract and work out which communities you want to embed yourself in. Mass marketing is no longer an effective strategy when it comes to social media, so you should adjust your strategy to reflect this. Tokupgrade builds and deploys an organic growth strategy, you inform your account manager what target market and demographic you want to attract and Tokupgrade build an entire strategy around this for you, by liking, following and engaging with similar content to that of your own. They will take control of your growth strategy and you will begin to see results straight away. 


Like with any organisation providing a service on the internet, there are always some unscrupulous ones out there. This is no different for when you are purchasing followers and handing over personal and account information to a third party. You can be safe in the knowledge that Tokupgrade is a team of professionals that take the security of your account seriously. Your data and account information will not be passed to third parties and your data is end to end encrypted in order to keep it secure.

What to Expect When You Use Tokupgrade 

If you are already using TikTok, you may find that with increased growth, you lose some of your already established followers. This is commonplace and is due to people feeling as though they have lost their personal connection with your account as it becomes more popular. There is little you can do to avoid this if you are growing your account. If you have evaluated your target market and understand your niche, you will see growth within the first 24 hours. If the growth you see isn’t reflective of the market you are trying to attract, re-evaluate your audience to make sure you have got it right. Purchasing targeted followers is an amazing way to grow your account, but you need to ensure that you are targeting correctly. 

Why Purchase Genuine Followers Through Tokupgrade?

Genuine followers will provide your account with the authority and social proof you need in order to excel on TikTok and Tokupgrade can help get you there. If you don’t have the time to stay on the app and follow accounts that reflect your market, then Tokupgrade can remove this burden for you and you can get back to what really matters, creating. Content is key on TikTok, so you want to make sure that the videos you are uploading are of high quality and match your audiences’ requirements.

2). Toksocial – Genuine Targeted Follower Growth

Toksocial also provides customers with real, targeted users that represent the community and market you want to attract to your feed. They strictly follow tiktoks guidelines of no fake followers, so you can be sure that when you purchase this service, you are buying into a professional one. This is a highly respected growth service you can trust


As Toksocial base their actions on TikTok’s guidelines, you can be sure that they won’t get your account blocked or deleted. Their actions on your account won’t cause an algorithm to flag or get actions blocked. They don’t offer encryption of your data like Tokupgrade, but they rely on their understanding of the terms and conditions of TikTok to make sure your account remains active. 

Customer Service

When you buy into Toksocial you are buying your own dedicated account manager. Once you have purchased a package, this account manager will be in touch to help understand your goals, target market and what niche you are wanting to engage with to help you expand. Not only do you benefit from a service that provides you with real TikTok followers but you also have an account manager that has a deep understanding of the platform and can help you translate your wishes into tangible goals. 

To Consider

It is easy to fall into the trap of quick fixes and large follower numbers without having to put in the work, unfortunately just purchasing followers isn’t going to get your account noticed and will actually damage your reputation, not only with your audience but also with TikTok themselves. By employing Tokupgrade you can be sure that you are purchasing quality rather than quantity and that your follower to engagement ratio will be one that will increase your authority on the app and build social proof amongst your audience. When you employ Tokupgrade or Toksocial to manage your growth, you are employing a team of experts who understand the importance of target markets, niches and communities and will work with you to make sure you can embed your account in the mind of your chosen users.  

It’s important to protect your investment and only use genuine services that offer real follower growth, so your account is always safe.

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