How to Find the Right Personal Assistant

Finding a great personal assistant is not as easy as it seems, but if you understand what you are looking for, it will make the search much simpler. Before you start the search, it may help write down the qualities and attributes you would like in your future personal assistant.

You want to find someone that gets the job done, but you also want to find a personal assistant that you also get along with on a personal level. Whether you use the personal assistant for business-only and/or for household needs, this personal assistant will be a part of your daily life, and you may see the most personal and intimate moments in your life.

If you have not found the right personal assistant yet, this information will be useful to you.

Attributes in a Good Personal Assistant

Several attributes make up a good personal assistant. These attributes are as follows:

Great Communicator

You will rely on your personal assistant to handle all tasks thrown at them. You expect the personal assistant to take care of all duties on time and with minimal instruction. A good personal assistant will listen to your requests in detail and in-change will communicate back if there is a detail about the task they do not fully understand or if the task will not be completed in time.

Understanding of Your Business

A great personal assistant will fully understand your business operations and business demands. The personal assistant’s work will be interwoven between both your business and personal life. By understanding your business and livelihood, they will fully understand you and the needs you may have.


The personal assistant may plan out their day based on the list of tasks given to them at the start of the day. A great personal assistant understands that urgent matters come up out of nowhere, and they may need to prioritize the tasks of the day. They will be able to pivot and change direction instantly and painlessly.


Finding a personal assistant with a personality that meshes with yours. You want someone who can take you during your highs and lows, keep up with the pace. This person must understand that you mean business but can also relax and have fun moments with you. A person that can sit in your office to shoot the sh*t but can instantly get back to work and not take offense when you ask them to do another grueling task.


Your personal assistant may be exposed to some of your business’s deepest and darkest secrets and of your life. A great personal assistant understands that they may or hear confidential and intimate details of your life and know that these details are top secret and not shared with anyone.


When it comes time to look for your next personal assistant, several solutions will save you from reviewing endless unqualified resumes and feeling discouraged about hiring new help. The solution you must consider is by hiring a personal assistant agency to perform the search.

Many corporate executives, celebrities, and prevalent people have personal assistants to make their family life, business life, and personal life easier.

Using a personal assistant agency in the Los Angeles area will save lots of time by streamlining the hiring process for your personal assistant needs. If you can provide the agency with the wish list of your ideal candidate’s qualities and attributes, you can watch the agency come back with a stellar list of candidates that fit the mold.

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