How to Grow an Instagram Page in 2019

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media channels for eCommerce. With the ability to tag products in your feed and story posts, directing traffic towards a website is extremely easy. Here are some of the most profitable ways to market and grow an Instagram page in 2019.


Influencers are a great source of branding and exposure. Simply send a free product to a desired influencer in exchange for a post on their page tagging your company. Most influencers under 100,000 followers will do it for free. As you get to the bigger pages, you will have to pay them to promote your product. Most influencers tremendously undervalue themselves and will produce a great ROI and generate more followers for your page.

Instagram Stories

Post a story at least once per day. If posting a product, be sure to include a swipe-up link to the product or landing page. You need 10,000 followers to activate the story swipe up feature. Be sure to link your Instagram to your Facebook page as posts and stories will be automatically posted on your Facebook page whenever you upload to Instagram.


Buying shoutouts is the quickest way to grow. Instagram pages with a large following sell “shoutouts” on their page via PayPal, Bank Wire, or Venmo. If utilized correctly, your page will gain a large number of followers along with enough sales to get your advertising money back. Most pages will list their Kik username in their Instagram bio or you can simply direct message/email them and inquire about their shoutout prices.

Instagram Live

Use Instagram live as much as possible. The bigger your page gets, the more viewers you should have on your story. Host a giveaway, offer special discount codes, or showcase new products on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Reward people who invite their friends to join in on the stories.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads will yield the highest cost per follower as compared to the rest of these methods. However, if utilized correctly and in a targeted manner, the leads will generate cash flow to offset the customer acquisition cost. For instance, those that sell eCommerce courses at $500 or $1,000 have a ton of wiggle room to play with. They can acquire a customer for $300 and still make a good profit and get a large number of followers as well.

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