How to Harness the Power of Your Individuality

“Forge your own path,” “write your own story,” and “you define your worth.” All phrases we know and have heard, but it’s often not fully understood how much of an impact they can create. Truly knowing that you are in control of your life and your path is empowering. Once you understand that you don’t have limits beyond what you place on yourself, you have the power to remove any obstacles holding you back.  Harnessing your freedom allows you to realize that any blocks you find in your path simply require a creative solution. These lessons are preached by top success and manifestation coaches across the globe.

You Determine Your Worth

Your self-image is pivotal in realizing your true potential. As master manifestation coach Kathleen Cameron always says, “You cannot outperform your self-image.” This means if you don’t think you’re capable, you won’t be. The ability to put your all into something isn’t possible without you believing that you are working for something that is worth working towards.  Cameron’s coaching is centered around this mentality of realizing your potential. Cameron knows that everyone has potential, but it’s all about the ability to harness it, and that starts with your self-image, and most importantly, practicing self-love. Loving yourself will not only allow you to reach the greatness you are after but push you towards it.

Reframe Your Mindset

Allison Garrett is a life and success coach that has broken the mold.  She openly shares her story of a life that provided limitation after limitation if she were to have allowed it. She has appropriately called her coaching company “The Prisonbreak Coach” reflecting her own journey around the limitations a criminal record.  She realized that all she needed was to reframe her mindset and see those roadblocks as opportunities. Garrett had a choice, to either allow the limitations of the world to prevent her from finding a thriving future or to create her own path.  She chose to define her worth and determine her future, and now she’s helping others do the same and break free from their own mental prisons, realizing their own greatness.

How to Do It?

Changing your mindset isn’t a one and done task.  It takes commitment, but it is as easy as reframing your thoughts.  Garrett’s own daily practice is about positive thinking and believing in its power.  She teaches her clients to create their own reality and it will be what manifests in their lives. Instead of focusing on the negative, you focus on the positive. Instead of thinking “I don’t have a job,” reframe the thought to “I have an opportunity to find a new and better path for myself.”  You attract what you put out in the world, so put out positivity.

This goes for your self-image as well. Cameron teaches that when you see yourself as successful, you will find yourself successful. A positive mindset about your life needs to include a positive image of yourself.  Learn about yourself and appreciate it all.  Realize how your uniqueness is power and you should embrace it.

Use your mind as a tool to help lead you to the greatness you are capable of realizing. Garrett and Cameron are both evidence of how following their methods will lead you to massive success.  Don’t let yourself be what gets in your way.

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