How to Improve Employee Communication Worldwide

An effective system of communication ensures two key objectives. First, management communicates its vision to employees and maintains a good relationship with them. Second, communication builds team spirit among staff, improves collaboration, and prevents misunderstandings. Ultimately, any company can meet its business goals through effective communication. The following tips can help you improve employee communication across your company.

Define Your Vision and Mission Statements

A vision statement defines where you want your company to be in the years to come, and a mission statement outlines how you intend to get there. Articulate your short-term and long-term goals. Create a strategy to achieve them. By implementing this strategy, ensure that each employee’s responsibility ties into your company’s mission and vision. Moreover, define the metrics for measuring your progress and carry out regular evaluations. Doing these activities will foster better communication and collaboration toward achieving your company’s success.

Organize Team-Building Events

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Team-building events will improve employee communication and increase staff motivation across your company. General quarterly events based in different company locations will help staff get to know one another, build stronger networks, and encourage collaboration. During the year, put together live videos and disseminate them throughout the company. In addition, regional events such as town halls and management Q&As can strengthen local networks and keep employees up-to-date about a company’s business activities.

Stay Connected Via a Company Intranet

You can improve worldwide employee communication by setting up a company intranet. A company intranet is useful because it’s a platform through which your employees can discuss, share resources with one another, and collaborate on projects. With a company intranet, you can also provide company updates. Moreover, employees can equally share personal news such as work milestones, family anniversaries, and more.

Further, creating employee groups within this intranet can also help improve communication. Each group can serve a different purpose — one group for each company’s location to promote local conversations or one for less formal discussions, for example. Don’t overlook communication through mobile platforms as well. Mobile accessibility can help any employee access what’s needed anytime, anywhere. 

Develop an Inclusive Workplace

A global workplace will have employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. Sometimes, these cultural differences could hinder effective employee communication. Language is connotative, and what may come off as assertive in American culture could be seen as disrespectful by someone from another background. To prevent these misunderstandings, encourage your staff to learn something about the cultures represented in your workplace. You can organize weekly mixers for this purpose. Another option is to commemorate special holidays where applicable. For example, commemorating the Chinese New Year if you have a business office located in the country could be a good idea. 

Employee communication is important in the business world today, especially as companies are more spread out across geographic locations and remote working is becoming prevalent. Thus, sharing information which enables companies to grow and increase their profits becomes necessary. Implement the tips discussed above to create an improvement in employee communication across your company and a more cohesive and productive team.

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