How to Market a Law Firm

The legal profession has been around for a long time, and law firms have never been short on business. Marketing to their communities has helped firms big and small continue to gain clients. Traditionally, firms might market through their local newspapers, radio stations, and television channels. Technology has allowed for new kinds of marketing using current technology and outreach. All firms can benefit by using digital marketing; Diamond & Diamond Law is an example of a law firm that works on the digital front to achieve its full potential.

“The trick is in knowing who you are, knowing how to market that identity properly, and using the right mix of traditional and digital marketing methods,” says Jeremy Diamond, senior partner of Diamond & Diamond Law. Through Jeremy’s leadership, the Toronto-based, family-owned business grew to include multiple offices in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. This article features insights from Jeremy Diamond on marketing for law firms.

Know the Rules of Law Firm Marketing in Canada

Understanding the regulations put in place for law firm marketing in Canada is the first step in the process. The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) clarifies that no firm can use false or misleading information while offering their legal services. The LSO also forbids forms of coercion, harassment, or taking advantage of persons going through traumatic experiences. As a firm, you cannot raise potential clients’ expectations or claim that you are superior to others.

Firms should market their unique skill set without making unreasonable claims. Terms such as best, greatest, or top are examples of these. If a lawyer has been certified by the Law Society, a firm may also market that lawyer’s specialty.

Be Ethical

Ethical marketing will echo the rules established by the LSO. It’s unethical to stretch the truth when describing the services offered at your law firm. Each firm generally focuses on one or two particular areas of law, and it’s encouraged to market your firm’s specific strengths.

Law is a complex profession, and marketing any outcome as guaranteed to happen is also considered unethical. Lawyers cannot be sure whether their client will be successful in their case. Even if a firm is exceptional at providing services for a specific clientele, it’s unethical to advertise a guaranteed result.

Jeremy Diamond: Why You Have to Create Your Own Identity

It’s vital to be honest when you’re marketing your law firm. Professing your company’s identity is an excellent way of staying truthful in your message while providing useful information to potential clients. Thus, establishing your law firm’s identity is crucial to begin a successful marketing campaign.

At Diamond and Diamond, we identified ourselves as “The People’s Law Firm” to grow our personal injury firm’s presence. After creating this identity, we reinforced it by implementing a 24-hour hotline at 1-800-567-HURT™ to make sure we are always available for the people who need us.

Staying true to this identity was key to the growth of Diamond and Diamond Lawyers. We might not have seen such rapid expansion in Canada if we set out to prove that we’re something we’re not. You’re going to find it challenging to increase your visibility without a strong identity that defines you to the customer.

Identify Your Market and Connect With Them

Undergoing extensive market research was vital before we could advertise Diamond and Diamond as “The People’s Law Firm.” Doing your homework will help a firm uncover its target audience before finding ways to get in front of them.

At Diamond and Diamond, we focus on the need for interpersonal relationships between lawyers and clients. The need for connecting one-on-one and respecting each individual’s needs to cater directly to their case is something we’ve excelled at in our own experience.

Plan Your Marketing Campaign Well

It’s unrealistic for a law firm to dive in with an “anything goes” approach. Researching your campaign options will allow your firm to form a plan. Gathering opportunities for visibility and listing them all out is a great place to start.

A law firm should leave room for adjustments that need to happen on the fly. Technology today allows businesses to access metrics like views, clicks, and other interactions with their advertisements. Allowing space for flexibility will let you focus more heavily on the promotions you find to be performing the best.

Embrace Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technological advancements in recent years have allowed almost everyone to use digital marketing to their advantage easily. Content marketing, blogging, email marketing, and strategic social media campaigns are all tools for individual or small business to gain the recognition they deserve. Engaging online will allow potential clients to have eyes on your law firm when they need your expertise.

An essential aspect of online identity is Google My Business. When a potential client requires a law firm, Google is an easy-to-use and accessible tool. So, it’s almost essential for any competitive advantage that you have a professional-looking and easy to understand page that pops up on search engines. Encouraging clients to leave positive feedback on your Google My Business page will help potential customers find your website online.

Optimizing your website, keyword research, and metadata are essential aspects of SEO that law firms should employ. A strong web presence will enhance your firm’s visibility and drive potential clients to consult with you. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to encourage people to visit your website and impress upon them that you’re a leader in the field of law you practice.

“Remember that marketing strategies can only get you so far,” says Jeremy Diamond. “You still have to deliver in terms of the quality of your service. Sure, getting people to become aware of your brand is good, but the important thing is to build a relationship with your clients. For me, that’s what a law firm is all about.”

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