How to Run a Profitable Small Event With Alex J Moscow

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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of horror stories from people that have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on an event where they either lost money or broke even. Some people think it’s a normal thing to go through when it comes to holding an event for their business. I honestly thought something similar until I met Alex J Moscow and learned how he perfected an event model that actually makes it profitable.

No, you don’t have to run a 1000 person event with 50 sponsors to make it profitable. Instead, Alex has found that having the right people in the room is way more important than how many are there. He’s had clients that have had 11 people in the room and at the end of the 3 days, his client closed over 6-figures in cash contracts and commitments. Yes, you read that write. 6-figures in profit over 3 days of transformation and information.

When talking with Alex and hearing his story, it’s super inspirational to see a guy go from being struggling with a stutter and caught up in lots of trouble as a young kid, to now be a high-level entrepreneur working with some of the highest performing business people around the world. To dive deeper into the model that Alex has perfected for running profitable events, I wanted to break down a few areas that he feels are the most important. So you can go and implement them in your next event.

Make Sure You Deliver More Than Information

If you are here right now reading this I’m sure you have attended an event where you sat in a conference room listening to speaker after speaker pour more information into your brains. Hours go by and you’re excited and inspired but also drained. You get a small mental overload with information.

When I sat down with Alex he made sure I understood the information is super important for your event to succeed, but your event needs more. It needs to transform your attendees in some way. Take them from point A to point B during the event so they leave being wowed.

Leverage Your Existing Assets Into Something

Something that so many people get wrong when it comes to running events is that they think they need a massive existing audience. Yes having a large audience helps, but you don’t actually need one to make your event a success. All of us as business owners and entrepreneurs have assets. Whether that’s relationships with people, brands, or possible venues already.

Sometimes we can get blindsided by thinking we need all these things in place before we make it happen and pick a date but we probably have some relationships we can use as leverage when planning our event. This is an area that Alex helps his clients with.

Realizing the assets you already have and leveraging them to create a successful event.

This could be a small group of clients or raving fans that you already have that follow or respect you, but most of all, trust you. Trust in business is almost more powerful than the biggest audience out there. Because if you have a big audience and no one trusts you, your business won’t succeed or be able to capitalize on the size of your audience. Trust is something that sometimes takes time and is a process and Alex helps you find these assets already in your grasp that you can leverage to make your event a success.

Your Offer Should Just Flow With Your Event

Another way to make your event profitable is to also have a special offer to attendees at the event which makes it seamless to promote. It’s not something out of the ordinary that you are trying to sell to people that are already attending your event but it’s a great way to maximize the people and or businesses you have in that room. Think about it, you have people sometimes that have flown in from around the world to meet and learn from you directly. If you change their life or give them a weekend they will never forget, you may have a customer for life.

It’s a no-brainer to offer either a program, service or product depending on your business at the end of the event for attendees to get deeper help from you. Something that Alex teaches at his event “Small Events Big Profits” is that you should plant seeds throughout the event with the offer you will be making. A simple yet effective example of a seed to plant is stories of your clients who have achieved amazing results.

When you share stories this way they’re massively valuable for your audience to learn through the experience and results others like them have produced. He’s done offers before to crowds of people just at the end with no seed planting and he’s heard crickets. Not all the time. But planting seeds throughout the event has worked better for him and his clients.

Since he has perfected an event model that is profitable and full of impact and transformation, the way he does it now makes complete sense. I don’t know how you could run an event differently after learning from Alex and how he does it.

Now that you know some secrets that Alex has discovered to run profitable events, to dive deeper into his knowledge and tactics check out his event “Small Events Big Profits” to really dive deep into the exact steps you need to take to run profitable events.

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