How Two Innovators Showcase Digital News With Genfluencer

Today, an estimated 3.85 billion people have a presence on some form of social media platform. From this, the world has seen cultural revolutions, developments in marketing tactics, and an uptick in entrepreneurship from the comfort of someone’s bedroom. With a new generation of pop culture and social norms emerging, two Instagram users created an organization, Genfluencer, to cover it all.

While the world continues to innovate in many ways, no news source seems to be fully committed to covering the advancements exclusively. In mainstream media, online trends receive little attention and are often overlooked for the sake of other breaking news. Specifically, many influential figures usually do not have a platform to share their stories.

Owned by Marko Danial (alias Pharaoic) and Adam Meskouri, the two friends use their news organization, Genfluencer, to showcase digital culture stories. Founded originally by Marko Danial, their website publishes daily stories on pop culture, social media news, and technological innovations.

Unique to Genfluencer, however, is its heavy focus on prioritizing the stories of influencers. As they share the stories of young content creators, they claim that online video creation can be a profession to aspire to.

Both partners are content creators, giving them unique perspectives to share. Aside from Genfluencer, Marko Danial operates as the Founder & CEO of Spzrts, and manages an Instagram follower network of 4,000,000 fans through his pages, namely @Techineer, being one of the fastest-growing Tech pages on Instagram’s platform.

Similarly, Adam Meskouri amasses a total of 3,000,000 followers, including pages on both TikTok and Instagram. Today, he stands as the owner of @Gadgetings on Instagram, while also creating content for his TikTok page @Aymesk. Alongside that, he pursues public speaking, philosophical research, and other extracurriculars.

The two friends use Genfluencer as a creative outlet with a mission that allows for young creators to publish their thoughts, with many of their contributors being teenagers who enjoy working online.

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