Ian Mausner Advises Children on the Proper use of Face Masks

To safeguard yourself and others from the pandemic, doctors recommend using face-covering, thereby minimizing the disease’s transmission from one person to another. Since the virus spreads through respiratory droplets, using a face covering when you go out in public protects you, as well as other people around.

With the advent of coronavirus, the use of masks has become common among people. Resellers offer a variety of mask materials that includes face masks made of cloth. Since children are fragile, many people are skeptical about kids using face covering. Ian Mausner suggests people use face covers that are safe for children of all ages. Whether your child is suffering from any ailment or not, it is better to keep their face covered when they go out in public. However, toddlers below two years of age should not use a mask to suffocate them.

The occasions when children must cover their faces

Here are some occasions which children must keep their faces covered

  • At the time of group work

Masks are an essential part of the uniforms as they go back to school—group activities at school or the playhouse call for face-covering among children. A Mask made of cloth is a must for kids at the time of gymnastics or other sports activity. The novel coronavirus is transmitted from one person to another through mouth and nose. Therefore, using a face mask can protect your child and adults from contracting the infection.

  • Places that lack social distancing

 Children must cover their faces at places where they cannot distance themselves from others. Group play within the house or in the playground involves close contact with others.

The ideal way to use a face mask

While covering your face has become a trend among people after the spread of the novel coronavirus, it is essential to know the ideal way to use a face covering, says Ian Mausner.

  • Wash or sanitize your hand before touching the mask.
  • Please the face cover on top of your nose and mouth and stretch it from either side.
  • The face cover should be comfortably placed on your cheeks and tied at the back of your head.
  • Make sure not to touch your hand or your face while you wear a mask.
  • Do not share your face mask with others and wash them occasionally.

Preventing your child from fidgeting with the face covering

 Young children are having a tough time handling the strange piece of covering over their faces. Parents have to teach the child the right way to use a mask. They can practice wearing a mask at home where the rate of transmission is low. To accustom your child to the behavior of wearing a mask, you can engage in some trick and pretend to play with soft toys and dolls by covering their faces.

Teach the young people not to tamper with their face cover, says Ian Mausner. Children learn everything through visualizing. Therefore, inculcate the habit of mask-wearing in kids by doing the same yourself first, ask them to follow your directions. The ideal way to protect infants from getting infected is to practice social distancing.


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