Ian Mausner’s Perspective On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

These days, when you take a look at the online forums, media, and other platforms, cryptocurrencies or bitcoins have caused a reason for the uproar. ICO or initial coin offerings, blockchain and bitcoin, have started making their place in the modern commercial world. However, most individuals are unaware of the real meaning of these terminologies and their impact on entrepreneurial activities.

Thus, bitcoin is a digital currency that brings about transparency and efficiency in a digital transaction. According to Ian Mausner, money laundering and criminal actions have seen an increase in recent times. Hence, entrepreneurs are encouraged to incorporate cryptocurrencies as a safe method of cash transaction.

Reasons Why You Must Incorporate Cryptocurrency in Your Business Dealings

Bitcoins are digital assets that employ cryptography which is an encryption technology. It brings in security and safety in the digital transaction while you sell your goods and services. Moreover, bitcoins work on a set of regulations or obligations which the holders have to follow. Apart from this, the advantages associated with bitcoins are listed below:

  • Near anonymity: While purchasing services and goods with the help of bitcoins, you do not have to disclose your identity. However, it does not ensure an utterly anonymous transaction. Instead, it offers pseudonymity or near anonymity where the clients must not provide personal information to the merchants while purchasing goods and services.
  • Easy purchase: A vast advantage of bitcoin is that it hardly requires the involvement of financial institutions as intermediaries. It is a reality that you do not need an intermediary that takes away a lot of your worries. It is of advantage to the customers, that safeguards them from financial hackings. Hence, you can come out of the traditional transaction and reduce the chances of a database hack. According to Ian Mausner, with the help of cryptocurrencies, even if some portions of the database get compromised, the remaining ones will help in continuing transactions.
  • Block-chain technology: Bitcoin trading works on the principle of blockchain technology. The system relies on continuous updating, which records different transactions which take place on the digital platform. Block-chain is effective as it does not require any central authority to process the transaction. Hence, you do not require payment companies, government authorities, or financial institutions. The seller and the buyer may interact without any middlemen directly. Thus, it removes the requirement for verification by way of an intermediary and thereby cuts the cost of intermediaries.
  • Bitcoin mining: Bitcoin mining includes two steps. The verification of cryptocurrency transactions and initiation of new units of bitcoin. For ensuring efficient mining, you require powerful software and hardware, says Ian Mausner. In the verification stage, your system must be robust enough. It will ensure profitable mining.

As an entrepreneur, you must have a reasonable understanding of the different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market, whether you go for Ethereum or ether. It all depends on your requirement and needs. Remember that bitcoins have become a recent innovation and have thereby gained a prominent position in commercial settings. Hence, you can use the same for your marketing operations.


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