iCareBilling: A Complete Healthcare IT Solution

iCareBilling is a US based online healthcare information technology company that provides complete medical billing, RCM solutions and other healthcare IT based services to independent healthcare professionals, small and mid-sized medical facilities, group medical practices and hospitals throughout the United States of America.


iCareBilling started operation as a healthcare IT services provider company in 2020 from Chicago, Illinois, where it targeted and offered its services to small to medium range medical service providers, independent practitioners, medical laboratories, telemedicine organizations and healthcare centers.

The company has now evolved to become a multi-role platform, that offers related business services like medical billing and healthcare analytics for medical centers and hospitals, management aid for practitioners, IT based software services like Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for healthcare providers and hospitals, physician enrollment and credentialing services with insurance companies for medical organizations, labs and healthcare workers and IT and back office support services throughout United States.


iCareBilling has great scope and potential for medical systems support. The platform has proven to be useful both solo and as an extension to existing software/services by aiding and improving the overall working capabilities and enhancing the performance of such systems. The platform offers RCM integration and portability with iCareBilling medical billing services and support to the existing healthcare systems in the U.S., some of which are discussed below.

Medical Billing

The most basic service of iCareBilling is to provide medical billing services to its clients. The company can offer the installation and configuration of new medical billing and/or certified EHR software or establish the integration with an existing old one to make it more efficient and enhance its overall performance, and yet utilize the medical billing and collection services offered by the company.

The service works by creating the HL7 portability between EHR (electronic health record) and iCareBilling Practice Management System or designing a manual workflow that involves trained human resources to transfer the data between the systems making the overall process smoother. It also ensures timely logging and transmission of data for medical service centers and healthcare clinics to maintain a steady cash flow.

Practice Management

Practice management is a crucial element for any medical professional. The company offers specialty focused practice management services to independent practicing doctors as well as group practices, hospitals and labs.

The healthcare experts use the iCareBiling goal oriented and data specific algorithms to get optimal benefit from practice management services that are well suited for the practitioner based on their speciality that offers template based workflow to make their work easier. This results in better experience that improves strategic clinical decisions to deliver the result oriented patient care.

Healthcare Web Design

Web design services help the healthcare professionals to improve the brand visibility and public image of any medical organization or healthcare center.

The company provides web design services with updated tools and platforms to its clients by offering audience engagement options with promising a strategic, interactive and adaptable solution for their interface that can help the patients with patient portal, and online payments.

The company promises flexibility and ease of support for their clients ensuring proper fulfilment of their IT needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management or RCM ensures integration between EHR and Practice Management Systems for patient’s demographics and claims entry, claims submission, payment posting and patient billing. iCareBilling features a flexible Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution provider that can adapt to any EHR / EMR or medical billing software available in the healthcare industry.

The management model provides full access to reports with daily charges submission, payment posting, account receivable reports with insurance wise breakdown, clearinghouse reports, electronic remittances report and full control to its user enabling them to customize their existing medical practice workflow to suit their specific needs for a better and improved patient experience.

This allows for a full iCareBilling services experience with a transparent system along with efficiency to collect more from insurance companies and patients.


The company has a battle-hardened team of experts, who have great experience in management and monitoring of telemedicine and healthcare sector and its operations.

These experts are available 24/7 at the back end providing users with up-to-date services like accurate and clean claims submission, follow-up with insurances, resolving EDI related issues, ease in navigation and access to reports by medical practitioners and reliable management services for their organization or medical center.

The services provided by these experts are proven to be unparalleled and are unmatched anywhere in the United States.


iCareBilling is compatible with a variety of practice management and medical billing software currently available in the market. The iCareBilling model can be used to customize the practice workflows and improve their RCM capabilities to the maximum. Some of these popular software, that are compatible with iCareBilling include:

  • PracticeFusion
  • AthenaHealth
  • WebPT
  • DrChrono
  • Kareo
  • Allscripts
  • NextGen Healthcare
  • AdvancedMD
  • WayStar
  • Office Ally
  • Ability Network


iCareBilling is one of the most efficient and goal oriented medical billing services providers in the industry right now and the services provided are undoubtedly unparalleled anywhere in the United States.

These companies are helping to improve the working of the medical sector by introducing latest and up to date IT based solutions and healthcare technologies to set new trends. With visible benefits, companies like these ensure and strive toward proper and smooth working of the medical sector with the mission to set new standards of providing absolute patient care.

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