Innovation Consulting by Kepler

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Kepler provides innovation consulting services

Kepler is a consulting business that specializes in innovation and research and development. Kepler is a benchmark player in the field of innovation, assisting companies in redefining their innovation model, managing R&D and Innovation project portfolios, improving new product development processes, Lean-Engineering, and Target cost design, among other things.

Kepler’s innovation consulting strategy is widely regarded as one of the most effective on the market. The offices of the Kepler Innovation Consulting Firm are located in the United States (US), France, China, and India.

Our Consulting Approach

Innovation plays an important role in the company’s growth. It is important to build an ecosystem that encourages the creation of tomorrow’s goods and services in order to gain a competitive and sustainable edge. Our ability to respond to the problems faced by firms seeking efficiency in their R&D is bolstered by Kepler’s operational procurement consulting experience.

Kepler Innovation Consulting Fundamentals

Models of invention are defined.

Despite the rare achievements of a few creative ventures, the General Management’s revenue from “disrupted” products or services is insufficient. In this light, it is critical to rethink the company’s innovation strategy in order to make a significant contribution to its growth.

Projects in R&D and Innovation Management of a Portfolio

For R&D and Innovation departments, focusing teams on the most important projects and speeding the marketing of new goods or services is a critical issue. Portfolio management addresses this issue by allowing users to dynamically pick projects that match the strategy’s objectives while taking into consideration the restricted availability of design resources.

Lean Engineering 

In terms of R&D, a Lean engineering project has the same goal of eliminating waste from the solution’s upstream design to mass manufacturing. The “fast-track” strategy of Kepler Innovation Consulting Firm, which draws on the complementary knowledge of our Innovation and Operations groups, strives to minimize the time it takes to realize advantages by focusing on the areas where teams squander the most time and resources.

New Product Development Processes Optimization

Innovation procedures aren’t always well-suited to the company’s quality, cost, and time constraints. We revisit the processes throughout the development / industrialization cycle (definition of objectives, feasibility, design validation, product / process validation, standardization) based on our benchmarks in industries at the forefront of innovation.

Roles and duties, as well as synchronization and multi-business interfaces, are all well specified. Tools and techniques are now available to promote collaborative work and make new product and service development more agile.

Design at Cost Objective: Functional Analysis / Value Analysis

In order to achieve what is required, functional analysis / value analysis remains an important element of technological and economic optimization. Our teams use a multi-business logic to deliver the approach to our customers, depending on both internal Kepler specialists and external resources like as architects, engineering firms, and suppliers.

Specialization in Innovation

An exclusive focus on high-impact problems linked to innovation strategy and management, as well as R&D organization performance. Cross-fertilization methods in different industries, as well as periodic benchmarks, provide validity to the diagnostic.

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