Intel Wants to Bring Back the PC with Project Alloy

PC sales have been going down the tubes because smartphones can do most computing tasks with ease. Intel wants to save the PC. As a result, they have announced the Project Alloy virtual reality headset on Tuesday at the Intel Developer Forum. In addition, they launched the next-generation Kaby Lake microprocessor. The corresponding Kaby Lake PCs are scheduled to ship in the fall. Kaby Lake will be used to produce Alloy, in order to consume VR content.

It was just a few months ago that Intel’s executives started promoting virtual reality.  Nathan Brookwood, principal at Insight64, an microprocessor analyst firm said, “Virtual reality is very computationally intensive, and if Intel can create a requirement for more computationally intensive applications, then guess what? That works for them.”

Project Alloy creates a virtual reality environment with aspects of augmented reality. It uses RealSense cameras to “see” objects in a user’s hand. Moreover, Intel plans to make Alloy hardware open-source by the middle of 2017. They hope to sell millions of PCs with Intel microprocessors and Project Alloy headsets.


Written by Katrina Manning

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