Introducing Kareem Chenheu the Mind Behind 3amAlexander

Entering The Third Quarter of 2021 And This young filmmaker has started a series of short film’s on YouTube

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Entering the third quarter of 2021 And This young filmmaker has started a series of short film’s on YouTube and each episode has been an exciting view from his perspective (Metal Health) was my favourite that he released (hard work) can’t wait to see what’s next.

This isn’t Our first time Noticing This Talented Young Man who is overdue for a mainstream cross over In September 2020 during the height of the quarantine he released an album alongside his brother M A R titled ”quarantine’

This project went on to be featured on A few Publications in the two garnered massive exposure A few months later. 3amAlexander begins to get a little bit more focused, he begins a podcast called

”All Ends Of The Spectrum Podcast” alongside his partner in crime Natalie. Not to mention Kareem already has a YouTube channel exploding weekly with a series of content vlogs.

3amAlexander has expressed his notion to inspiration and where exactly it comes from he looks up to people like for work Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, and Steve Stout, Kenya Barris. Following the release of his new viral single no jumper, he’s exploding on SoundCloud and reaching a massive audience of 500,000 people in one month The video was released and was self-produced by 3amAlexander/Kareem Chenheu all in housework he managed to get power duo (TakeAdayTrip) to help with the process

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