Is Your Business Customer Obsessed?

customer obsessed

I have noticed many companies are focusing on being customer obsessed. What does that actually mean?

Well, in simple terms, it means to be conscious of or have empathy towards your customers. The product or service your business offers is solving a customer problem. It is critical that you continuously live that customer problem, focus on how to solve it, and, only then, will you be able to solve it well.

You may ask, “how can we live the customer problem?” Well, there are several ways to do it. You can conduct a survey and ask relevant questions that will allow you to get enough information or data to figure out the problems they are having. Another approach is to sit with the customer, ask them about their lives, what problems they face on a daily and constant basis, and gather enough data to help you in building a service or product.

Focus Within Your Company

This focus should be implemented in every department of the company, be it from sales or marketing to engineering. It is important to instill this focus-driven mindset in all employees as everyone has a unique mind and can come up with solutions that another may not even think about. It may be a good strategy to include the engineering department in meetings, customer support, and sales calls to understand the problem the customer is facing and design the product accordingly.

The sales department are the ones who are direct with the customer and take customer requests on a daily basis. It is important for them to not prioritize every customer request. Customers know exactly what issues they are going through, and want it to be solved instantly, but they do not understand how feasible each solution is. You do.

Listen to Your Customers

If your business focuses on listening to the customer’s pain, they will trust you to decide which solution is best for them. If you do not focus on their pain, they will make unreasonable demands about what the solution should be. Once they voice these demands, then it will be hard to walk them back.

It is essential for building a long-lasting relationship with your customer to listen to their pain. You need to imagine what it is like to be in their shoes and understand their frustrations. Be empathetic towards them.

The best way to do this is voice what you perceive back to the customer. For example say, “It seems that you feel anger when …….” If your customer says, “that’s right,” and they feel that you care about them, that is when you will be able to establish long-term¬†trust.

Teach this methodology to everyone that works for your company, practice it regularly, and include role-play sessions once in a while. It can have a positive impact on your business.

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