Jacob Fletcher-Johnson on Establishing Connection Through Dance

Whether it’s collaborating and dancing with Ayo & Teo, dancing to the tunes of Usher, or doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge with family, Jacob Fletcher-Johnson, better known by his TikTok name @jacob.fj, has been dancing and creating content for social media since he was 12-years old. That includes pairing up with @zinco18 to create the viral dance challenge, the “spaz challenge,” which has now accumulated 2.8 million videos in response since its debut in May of 2020. 

Fletcher-Johnson, who, just this summer graduated from Stafford College where he studied Creative Digital Media Production, has built up a strong presence within the dance community, largely due to his online presence. He has collaborated not only with Les Twins but also with his inspiration, Michigan duo Ayo & Teo.

But Fletcher-Johnson has also solidified his presence and reputation within the dance community by creating consistent content, uploading at least two videos a day. This consistency has led to dance promotions with artists Swae Lee, B.O.B, Chris Brown, and Aitch.

Why does he post and share with such dependable consistency? Fletcher-Johnson dances and puts out content because he loves it. He loves to create content that people will enjoy, to inspire others with his dances, and to develop his artistic style. But, most especially, he loves building connections with his audience and with fellow TikTok influencers. 

Fletcher-Johnson typically wakes up at around 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, so that he has time to have some light mediation and positive affirmations. He says, “This keeps me motivated and allows me to stay focused on my goals.” Some of these goals are directly related to his audience. Fletcher-Johnson has made it a point to prioritize his audience by involving “them with decisions in production and giving them behind-the-scenes of content creation.” 

In fact, a big chunk of his day, anytime between 1:00 in the afternoon and lasting into the night, Fletcher-Johnson spends time recording, editing, and uploading at least two videos a day to make sure that his following gets their daily dosage of content from him.

Fletcher-Johnson values the connection and engagement with his following as they are the primary support for his artistry, enabling him to grow more. He doesn’t want his followers to grow bored and instead looks to them to help provide feedback and inspire him with ideas for the type of content that they most value. 

He says, “Having an audience that feels connected to you is an integral part of success within social media.” And, by always keeping engaged with them, he is making sure that they receive the type of content that they are looking for.

The goals Fletcher-Johnson likes to stay focused on go beyond just short-term thinking. Long-term, he hopes to establish himself more firmly within the field of media, be it video editing, film directing, or influencing. But he also hopes to continue working and collaborating with other influencers, traveling and exploring together to grow as an artist, and to continue expanding his audience, building more connections and engagement.

To find that connection with Jacob Fletcher-Johnson and see new moves on a daily basis, look for his Tik Tok or Instagram page, @jacob.fj.

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