Jacob Judah Might Lead the Tech Industry in the Coming Years

The growing capabilities of powerful smartphones have opened a whole new realm of user experiences. While up-and-coming games and software products on smartphones are amazing for the users, more amazing are the minds behind them. Any electronic device is good only because of its creators. Today, we bring you one such pioneer in this field who is creating ripples in the tech industry, especially Augmented and Virtual realities. His apps and games have generated over 10 million downloads. This famous tech business magnate is Jacob Judah. His major chore has been investing and creating technology-based businesses.

Jacob has a deep passion for innovative technologies and their implementation. His state of the art approach towards up-and-coming technological start-ups and companies shout loud about his leadership skills. Jacob invests in start-ups that promote innovation and new technology.

When Jacob was in A-levels in school, he had sold a whole portfolio of apps and games for Apple’s iOS. Those bunch of apps gained over 10 million downloads in a very short amount of time. These days he mostly works on businesses revolving around AR and VR spaces. Jacob feels that AR-VR is going to be the next common computing platform. His approach towards this untapped market might land him into becoming the next Jack Ma of the computing and technology business. Jacob is the best at what he does, be it working on AR-VR or as an angel investor. Jacob is a passionate traveler as well. Apart from being a busy Investment Consultant, he likes to party and go on beach vacays.

Jacob constantly sculptures on his business skills while working as he believes evolving with your business is very important. His vision towards his goals and his dedication towards acquiring and creating new businesses is awe-inspiring. We believe that more people will find inspiration in Jacob’s journey. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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