Jake Strain Creates a Platform That’ll Help Independent Artists to Flourish

Jake Strain

Jake Strain has a great love and passion for hip-hop and the entire music culture. He has always been fond of artists who have made a mark for themselves with no godfather. As someone who is also an artist and makes a point to listen to artists who have grown with no support, he decided to create a platform that will help them in a good way.

Over the years, Jake Strain has invested his time in creating affordable ways to save money for independent musicians other than himself. In 2020 during the summer, Jake Strain finally started a management company that will give a great exposure to thousands of talented independent artists. His management company is called “Yer – Management”.

Talking about Jake Strain, he is primarly from a hip-hop background. In the past few years, he understood how social media plays a key role in making an artist big. Today, videos on social media go more viral than a Youtube single. Today, artists, especially musicians and singers of all age group use social media like Instagram. The application lets people share videos and many have dedicated their pages for their own renditions of different songs or to share their original music. With several music apps like Spotify and Apple Music, musicians have bigger platforms to make their creations reach out to people.

With so many options available, it is important to understand how to use them not only to promote the work, but also to earn money. That’s where Jake’s company and his team will come into the picture. Strain’s company makes sure that every artists feels seen and heard by helping them out with ways to promote themselves. The talented artist wants to spread his knowledge and industry secrets with these budding and independent talents that will help them flourish.

About his management firm and quest to help independent artists, Jake Strain shares, “Understanding the digital age, a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, it’s not as much about the music as it is about image. The music industry is probably 20 % music and 80 % business, remember that. I want to expose the major labels for what they actually are. Pass the torch to the upcoming artists, plan seeds, create stepping stones and building blocks to create a foundation for other Indie artists who are inexperienced, but eager to learn how to co-exist with the major labels.”

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