Jawsome by Facial Contouring Expert and the Kardashian Clan’s Go-to Doc Simon Ourian

Many people have heard horror stories about cosmetic surgeries gone wrong. Naturally, this leaves them a little reluctant to have anything done on their own body even though there are places where they wish they looked a little better than they do now. Another anxiety they have is they fear long healing times and lingering pain.

Today, cosmetic procedures are no longer being performed in Baron Frankenstein’s castle. Instead, they happen in clean, modern offices on an outpatient basis where many procedures involve no surgery at all and are often completed in less than half an hour.

Perhaps the most sought after cosmetic dermatology doctors in America is Dr Simon Ourian. He has made headlines for being the go-to doctor of Hollywood’s most famous personalities—the Kardashian clan, no less.

One of Doctor Ourian’s specialities at his Epione Beverly Hills office is his pioneering work in jawline contouring. This is a procedure designed to smooth out the rough edges of a jawline or chin profile and leave nothing except the classic beauty of perfect flowing lines in its place.

His trademarked procedure, known as Jawsome, uses multiple micro-droplet injections of dermal material that fills out and firms up loose or sagging areas on the face. Virtually pain-free and taking only about 20 minutes on average, Jawsome contours the chin and jawline at an exceptionally affordable price in comparison to traditional cosmetic procedures.

His patients enjoy immediate results without the long recovery hangover that follows upon surgical procedures. They can even have the procedure done with either short-term or long-term materials. This allows them to perhaps try out their new look and make some additional adjustments before settling on a final decision as to exactly what they want their new jawline to look like.

Who you are today is the person that walks into Doctor Ourian’s office. The person that leaves half an hour later would be a better version of yourself, aesthetically speaking. Schedule an appointment today via www.epionebh.com to see a better you in the mirror.


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