John Singson – the Grandson of the Wealthy Filipino King and Politician Chavit Singson

John Singson (one of famed Philippine Kingpin Governor Chavit Singson’s grandson) is seen on several large political campaigns in Los Angeles California backing judges, Mayors, Senators an Attorney General and for the most part, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, of the Philippines.

The Singsons are known as an influential family and has history for around 100 years of political history. In June of 2022 Ferdinand Marcos Jr was sworn as the 17th President of the Philippines with the full and heavy support of the Singson Family. The Singsons who are known to be kingmakers in the political world supporting most Presidents of it’s country. Undoubtedly, 95% of other politicians in the country seek endorsements of the the Singsons.

Not only that the King of The North, Governor Chavit Singson provided his personal private jets and armored vehicles for President Ferdinand Marcos’ presidential campaign, but the Governor also helped to secure votes from the public and endorsements from the largest churches,  politicians and various public and private sectors.

John Singson (of Newport Beach, CA), a well-known businessman arrives with his team and his personal Philippine Presidential security personnel at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles supporting a large presidential movement and was interviewed in one of the biggest news platform called SMNI who is owned by the famed Pastor Apollo Quiboloy which has support of 6 million plus members; John stated in his speech and interview that in order to change the countries’ struggles, there must be that one special metal fist that should shew away all the criminality and that is for Ferdinand Marcos Jr to be seated as President which he was.

John also shares that in order to become a successful country, the hatred and nonsense should be junked. Coming from a political family, Mr. Singson urged  millions of Filipinos to vote for the unbiased and fair politicians to keep the world running.

Even though John stayed in his own lane and remained a humble and successful businessman, the public views the individual as well known and patronized. The Singsons and The Marcoses go way back in history, a solid and loyal ally of the two high-powered family recognized to be indestructible.

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