Jorden Pagel Teaches Health Optimization

The world we live in now can be utterly stressful at times. The demands of our professional lives and the accelerated pace at which the things around us go can overwhelm anyone. As a result, many people today struggle with burnout and bad health choices. Jorden Pagel is out to show people that there’s a better way.

Jorden is the founder of Sustain Health & Performance. The fitness coaching company focuses on helping CEOs, executives, and other high-performing professionals deal with the burdens of life and keep a healthy routine amidst hectic schedules. He specializes in helping his clients improve their overall health, look and feel better, build more energy, reduce stress, and optimize their performance. The fitness coach does this using a hybrid approach combining functional nutrition, training, and health optimization.

What drives Pagel to serve his clients at the level he does is his personal experience. He wasn’t always in top shape before committing to a healthier lifestyle. “I was overweight most of my life,” shares Jorden. “I tried all the fads and quick fixes to try and lose weight. But it never worked. It was either unsustainable, I hated it, or I went too ‘all in’ and ended up burning myself out.”

It wasn’t until Pagel graduated college that he discovered another approach. Instead of restricting himself to only healthy options, he built better health choices around things he found enjoyable. “I tried not to beat myself up for missing a workout or having a bad meal,” Pagel adds. As a result, after years of research, exercise, nutrition, and study, Jorden would lose a hundred pounds and experience a total life transformation.

Now, Jorden is committed to helping others find the same results. Since starting as a coach, he has already served more than 700 clients, and that client base continues to grow with time. In the last 6 years, he has built a solid reputation as someone who helps people achieve their fitness dreams without committing to an unrealistic workout schedule or an unenjoyable meal plan.

Sustain Health & Performance builds on a few unique selling points. For one, the company’s programs are time-friendly and efficient, removing unnecessary hours from the program and allowing people to carry on with their work and life commitments. It also features a flexible nutrition plan, a robust accountability system, health protocols, and specific and targeted approaches.

Jorden’s programs are not just time and energy-efficient, they achieve results that are comparable to, or sometimes even better than, those of more demanding programs. Jorden’s goal is that none of his students have to spend more than a few hours in the gym every week. This way, he targets high-level executives—a population of people who tend to neglect their health when times get busy.

Pagel also developed a lifelong masterclass that helps students learn all they need to know to live long, healthy, and happy lives. He has also created what he calls the Health First Coaching Approach, a system that shows extreme promise for coaching  students who lost significant weight, feel better, and now have more confidence and energy to face challenges. Jorden hopes that the programs at Sustain Health Performance will continue to change lives daily.

Learn more about Jorden Pagel and Sustain Health by visiting his website and Instagram profile.

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