Joudel Janoska: A Lady Of Versatility And Inspiration To Many

Living in the era of Social media and especially being a part of it, it is needless to signify the importance of being dynamic, diversified, and inclusive. However, this also brings with it the need to be authentic, open, and have a humble attitude towards all aspects of life. A very good example isJoudel Janoska.

She is a South African bornpublished blogger, content creator, model and mother of four living in Canada. She is an extremely hard-working person, excellingin the world of social influencers with her outstanding skills, personality and drive.

Joudel Janoska, born in Durban, South Africa immigrated to Canada in 2003. Being in her early 20s she had to work three different jobs to make ends meet. Nevertheless, it was her work ethic and passion which always compelled her to push forward, fearlessly.

Growing up in a big family, it wasn’t just a habit but also an emotional desire to have a family of her own. After meeting her husband, Joudel Janoska married in 2006. Even during her first pregnancy, she attended Hotel and Restaurant Management School to learn the art of Canadian French Cuisine. As the digital media era was fast growing during this time, she wasn’t active social media user until 2016 when her children were much older.

Joudel Janoska had always been an utmost enthusiast of education and learning, and hence spent most of her initial years doing different courses. It was only around 2016 and 2017 when she was headhunted for a modeling job when her career as a social media influencer and content creator finally began to mark its beginning and soar. She was approached for her job at her local gym in the city while training for a marathon. She took every opportunity to try things she had never done before.

After acquiring an agent for herself, Joudel Janoska became a familiar name in the Canadian socialite scene, offering her many leading roles and casting calls. She continues to be brilliant; both in her professional commitments as well as managing her family. Undoubtedly, she is a model of inspiration to an endless number of women, aiming to chase their dreams. Joudel Janoska also has a daily show on ‘AMAZON’ making her one of Canada’s first Female Live Streamers on the platform.

Even in the fashion industry, she has been a marvelous contributor, having worked with various fashion and beauty houses across North America. She has been a popular face across the industry alongside Vichy Laboratories, Nordstrom, Sephora, Guerlain,Revolve, Guess, and many more. Joudel Janoska was signed with Models International and featured in many magazines across Canada for her work. She woeks with various talent agancies now.

Joudel has a massive exteneded family in South Africa and around the Globe. She constantly remains in touch with her mother and siblings, spending quality time with them as much as possible. Being a firm believer in following a healthy, happy lifestyle she is always eager to spread to the world its significance.

“Smile and Surround yourself with positive people”, is her life mantra. In the dynamic world of social media, Joudel Janoska is the definition of being versatile, along with keeping a voice that is authentic, kind, and real.

This is truly a remarkable and inspring story of a women chasing her dreams in a age of social media and finding time for everything she loves in life.

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