Journal of Nomad -The new Avatar of Evoc Entertainment Founder Mr Ankit Chauhan

Ankit Chauhan , an Indian entrepreneur who is better known for his artist management company Evoc entertainment is nowadays trending among the youth for his new motivational avatar.

He is inspiring the youth these days through his YT series called ‘ Journal Of A Nomad ‘ on his YouTube channel ‘ AnkitTravelStories’. The videos are a mix of bollywood and a motivational avatar.

He says that he entered this industry as an outsider and felt like a nomad, who is still hustling for his place. He has gained the confidence to face the camera and learnt a lot by working behind the camera for a long time. It has made him understand the needs of the artist who is posing , acting and looking eye to eye through that lens.

ankit chauhan says that this nomad theory has given him exposure and the idea of exploring new fields. He hopes that soon bollywood would welcome him with open arms.
He believes in making the most of his time. “Polish the art , enhance your personality and learn from your mistakes to be a better version of yourself” , says Ankit Chauhan.

Ankit feels blessed that Lord has given him numerous chances to explore and work as a professional in many spheres. Being an Engineering graduate, he never thought that he would step into entertainment sector as well.

Ankit Chauhan loves the rainbow of various glamorous colours in his life and embraces each part of the industry.

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