Kali Kash talks about his journey in the music industry

Kali Kash Born in Fresno, raised in East Oakland, and still residing in the Bay Area; hip-hop artist Kali Kash is putting the public on notice that he’s here to stay and is making a lasting impact, not only in the industry but within his community as well.

Kali Kash Born in Fresno, raised in East Oakland, and still residing in the Bay Area; hip-hop artist Kali Kash is putting the public on notice that he’s here to stay and is making a lasting impact, not only in the industry but within his community as well.

The name Kali Kash coming from a combination of his home state of California and his government name; Kashmere. A very versatile artist with music that gains followers from the streets to the club. Kash is shedding a light on Bay Area culture, listing his father (Ray Virgil Fairley), a well-respected figure in his community as his source of inspiration.

Kali Kash alongside Maurice Shabazz and Charlie-O founded Trendsetters Entertainment Inc. in 2017. Trendsetters also has its own clothing brand with a brick & mortar storefront slated to open in Northern California in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Kali Kash believes in entrepreneurship and free enterprise, he desires to bring real authentic ethics back to an industry that has lost its way.

Kali Kash has already had the privilege and honor of working with prolific artists, such as E-40 (She Got Cake), Waka Flocka Flame (Drop It On Me), Mistah F.A.B. (Da Bay Hit Different), Erk Da Jerk & Tayven Justice (Got Me On Lock), Philadelphia Freeway, and many more!

Although Kali Kash is typically a laid-back person, don’t let that fool you because as soon as he hits that stage, he lets his cocky side shine and that swag mixed with confidence will have you yearning to watch him perform again and again.

The single “Da Bay Hit Different” featuring Mistah F.A.B. gained nationwide attention in 2020. His upcoming EP contains features from Mozzy (Get Off Me) and OMB Peezy (WHOA!) on a collection of tracks you don’t want to miss.

His latest track “WHOA!” featuring OMB Peezy and CakedUp Will, will be dropping on all streaming platforms on July 23rd. Make sure to follow Kali Kash on social media and your favorite streaming platforms today!


Written by Alexander Maxwell

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