Kinemagic: Setting New Standards in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is transforming along with our new work culture.  As the need for social distancing and remote learning remains vital to our evolving way of doing things, software company Kinemagic has added a brand new and innovative addition to its virtual reality software.

Kinemagic is the company behind Stratus, a software designed to bring Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to companies in heavy industrial industries. Meaning they design simulated and interactive experiences, and they have just added a cutting edge addition: point cloud integration.

This pioneering one-of-a-kind software called Stratus can achieve what used to take multiple days or even months of labor-intensive work and complete the job in a much shorter time frame. This software can handle massive CAD designs and facilities, turning them from file format into an immersive VR experience better known as a Digital Twin.  The Point Cloud Integration uses special 360-degree cameras to capture photos of a facility and overlay them onto the Digital Twin to show how a building looks at that exact moment. 

This new software is transforming the heavy industrial industry.  Training can now be done remotely saving companies thousands of dollars on travel expenses for new hires. With point cloud integration they’ll be able to virtually see the facility in real-time.  This will not only shorten onsite training time but improve training comprehension.

The benefits of this software don’t stop with training, but it will help with the construction of a facility as well. A 360° laser scan of an environment is taken, then the software can overlay that real-time point cloud over the CAD model.  This creates a VR view of how construction or repair is progressing while also ensuring that any design fits effortlessly with an existing facility.  This new level of enhancement is unmatchable, allowing an entirely new level of comprehension and precision, marking a groundbreaking innovation. 

Stratus isn’t only for the heavy industrial industry, the Digital Twin can also take meetings into the virtual realm. Meaning – you can feel like you are sitting next to your co-worker in a virtual board room that is pre-programmed to feel just like the one you used to visit back at the office. And you can do this using the Digital Twins software in an Oculus Rift or HTC Vine. This software (and virtual reality) is helping companies adapt to the pandemic faster than ever by taking them closer to physically being in the office and more prepared for increased productivity. 

The Stratus multi-user also allows multiple groups of people up to 50 users to meet simultaneously, whether the company is big or small. Plus, they offer “portable apps” versions that don’t require hard drive installations, and the experience is still considered steps above traditional 2-D communication.

This software company is disrupting what virtual reality means and is redefining it with their innovative ideas that they have made into a reality. 

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