Kuldeep Gurjar Encouraging Youth Towards Sports

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Congress Youth State Secretary of Sohna Vidhan Sabha of Haryana State, Kuldeep Gujar has been dedicatedly imparting his services for the Congress party since 2008, both socially and politically.

In his active political life, Kuldeep Gurjar has educated the people about the ideology of the Congress party by doing a lot of social and religious work at the grassroots level and has strengthened the hold of the party among the general public.

Being a member of the Congress party for the last three generations, Kuldeep Gujar’s father and grandfather have also contributed a lot in strengthening the party at the grassroots level. Being an active member of the Congress party, Kuldeep Gurjar has always been the voice of the local people to oppose the injustice being done by the BJP government. He has also actively supported the farmers and strongly accused the BJP party of using the double standard policies.

For the last few years, Kuldeep Gurjar is actively encouraging youth to participate in sports and has organized many sports events as well.  In April 2019, addressing the teams participating in the  Kabaddi competition held in Narsinghpura village of Haryana state, he said, “Do not connect the players with religion and politics. They are one of us and are the future of the country.”

While praising the youth and players of Haryana, he said, “Today the players of Haryana have made the name of the state and the country shine across the world. Wherever the player delegation of the country goes, the players of Haryana leave their mark. And all the people of the state are proud of the victory of those players.” During the event, he said, “Game should be played without caring about winning or losing.

Play it with a positive attitude so that the people who come to watch the game are also entertained.” He further added, “A players victory or defeat does not matter in the field, the only thing that matters is his attitude and behaviour towards the game and his opponent. It is the positive attitude that will take a player forward in his career and not the feeling of grudge against the opposite team. Any game should be played with the feeling of sportsman spirit and that is the real victory”

While congratulating the winning team and motivating the losing team, Kuldeep Gurjar said, “The losing players should not hold grudges against the winning team and instead try to correct the shortcomings of their game.”

Youth Congress State Secretary, Kuldeep Gurjar has organized many sports competitions in the last few years to boost morale and motivate the players of his state. In the year 2015, a national level kabaddi competition was organized by Kuldeep Gurjar in which teams from 10 states participated. He also Organized the International Kabaddi Competition in the year 2016, in which teams from India and Pakistan participated.

Apart from this, Kuldeep Gurjar has been proving his service and loyalty towards the party and the general public by doing many other social and religious work.

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