L-Easy Debut Album ‘The Maturation’

Releasing an album is usually on every musician’s to-do list. It’s one of the significant achievements worthy of popping the champagne and is somehow considered the gold standard in music production. Working on it can be an overwhelming task as it will push you to the limits. It demands lots of time, hard work, and money to complete the project.

However, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your musical diversity. It provides the platform to show the audience all you have in one package. Most fans love it when their favorite artist releases an album. The fans are eager to show love and appreciation for the artist.

Lucky Obibi Oghnechawuko, popularly known as L-Easy, is the latest addition to the list of musicians thrilling their fans with albums. He has hit the Nigerian Afrobeat scene with his debut album ‘The Maturation’ that encompasses a cross-pollination of ideas and sounds.

It’s a collection of various genres and sounds that stretch beyond any geographical limitation. The album features musicians from Nigeria, Jamaica, and America to give the tracks unique and special sounds.

The album has garnered the attention of listeners with its tantalizing verses and catchy hooks. Playing the Khaled role, L-Easy impresses most of his fans with his unmatched music production skills. He puts the different sounds together creating intriguing tracks. It’s impressive how the different voices are blended.

One sure thing is that each featured artist brings onboard their specific musical expertise. All the tracks have a unique touch and create a distinct ambiance making it hard to single out any one track that is better than the rest.

To L-easy, music is such a most powerful tool to impact society. He dedicates his current album to bringing global unity, especially when ethnic tensions threaten to divide the world. His motherland, Nigeria, is not left out, and he is passionate about what’s going on there.

His desire for the album is to have a common voice of togetherness as different musicians create the tracks. Although he has featured artists from diverse countries, he hopes that people listening to the records will not hear religion, countries, race, or boundaries. Seeing a united world react to his records is a dream come true for him, something he hopes to achieve.

L-Easy is successful now, but his musical journey to the top has not been easy. He has had to overcome numerous hurdles and challenges before reaching stardom. He started with a passion and vision to make wonderful music that would impact the world. Today he has overcome all those obstacles, and he is witnessing his dream come true.

He is the founder of L-Easy Music Worldwide, a global music record label. He established the record to push his music production career and to help other young talents.

The label is arguably the best platform in Nigeria to launch talented people who need an opportunity. As a label, he has signed two artists, Hitboy Kellz and Highlife Soes; both are gifted musicians. He is also looking to tap more talent as it gives him a sense of fulfillment to help other artists now that he is in a position to do so.

The album is available across all major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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