Latino Wall Street Revamps the Financial Education Industry With Telenovelas in Latin America With the Berrospi Sisters Where do we go From Here

 Latino Wall Street, the # 1 spanish speaking financial education academy has taken financial education programs to a new level, effectively delivering its message where no other academy has gone before: Latin American soap operas.

Known for its innovative campaigns, the most recent launch of the company led by Gabriela and Karinna Berrospi has completely revolutionized the way people access financial education in Latin America.

A true evolution in the industry, millions of Latinos are now able to benefit from what the academy has to offer.  

Who could link a financial education academy with one of the most watched telenovelas in a South American country? At first glance, these two industries do not appear to have any useful relationship with one another, but under the “think outside the box” philosophy of Latino Wall Street’s creative talents, this represented an unmissable opportunity.  

Latino Wall Street is A Disruptive Player In The Financial Industry

For two years, thousands of Latinos who want to learn about the stock market and other investment markets have found in Latino Wall Street an ally that provides investing insight, support, and strategies in a clear and easy-to-understand way. In fact, its training programs give special attention to women entrepreneurs and housewives who are looking for a way to generate additional income or multiply their savings. The purpose of the program is to help Latinos improve their quality of life by gaining an education into financial basics.

Latino Wall Street has become a sensation for millions of Spanish speakers in the United States and Latin America, who now have access to the tools and knowledge required to invest in the stock market and cryptocurrencies, or create financial legacies for their families. 

Latino Wall Street Showcased The New York Stock Exchange on One Of The Most Watched Telenovela In Latin America

Promoting a campaign that mixed elements of fiction and reality, the Berrospi sisters from Latino Wall Street (Gabriela and Karinna Berrospi) traveled to Lima to immerse themselves in the plot of Dos Hermanas de América TV with Del Barrio Producciones. The telenovela currently ranks the highest audience in Peru, and boasts international recognition in other countries within the region and with reruns and translations worldwide, even in India and Kazakhstan.  

The interaction between the history of Dos Hermanas and Latino Wall Street was captured in an unforgettable way – all made possible through the day-to-day lives of families in Latin America, who struggle with a lack of financial education tools or strategies. This was a reality that millions of people could connect with, and messages did not stop arriving from viewers.

The positive impressions felt from this innovative campaign were immediate. On behalf of the company, Karinna and Gabriela remained in the spotlight of the Peruvian press, who celebrated their participation as an “unprecedented event for the families of Peru.”

In this regard, the Berrospi sisters were interviewed on various programs, serving as the protagonists of the news segments and press conferences for several days (RPP, El Comercio, La República, Andina, ATV, channel N). The Latino Wall Street phenomenon even caught the attention of Trome, the Spanish-language newspaper with the largest circulation in Latin America for the popular segment.

Watch the full episode of Latino Wall Street in Dos Hermanas Here:

A Message Capable of Transcending Borders

Latino Wall Street’s participation in Dos Hermanas coincided with the celebration of the company’s second anniversary, an occasion they celebrated by holding the largest investment seminar in Spanish, “The Latino Wall Street Experience in New York.” The program was lit up and featured on the largest billboard in Times Square with the faces of the Berrospi sisters and all the stars of Latino Wall Street who participated in the great seminar. 

The massive seminar consisted of a full day of investment training in different markets and was attended by the entire panel of experts from the company. Attendance exceeded expectations, filling the conference room of the Marriott Marquis Hotel and adding to thousands of virtual live participants who streamed in.

Among the most prominent guests were Yvan Solari Calvo, Consul General of Peru and Bernardo Munoz, Director of PromPeru, an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism specialized as Technical Agency, responsible for the Promotion of Peru.

Other guests who did not go unnoticed were Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, two prominent Mexican soap opera stars. Gabriel and Irina are platinum members of Latino Wall Street and always speak to the impact that the academy has had on their lives.

A Government Recognition For His Work Improving The Quality Of Life Of The Latino Community

Latino Wall Street not only shook the foundations of the entertainment industry in the region, but the impact of its message also touched high places in the political milieu of Peru and the United States. 

On Thursday, June 24, the company received significant recognition from the United States Senate for its unique role in empowering the Latino community to help them access a better quality of life. The event commemorated the bicentennial of the Independence of Peru and was held in the Peterson Falls, in New Jersey, a place of special importance for the Peruvian immigrant community.

Important political and diplomatic figures from both countries were present at the ceremony, to whom Gabriela Berrospi had the opportunity to offer a speech in which she highlighted Latino Wall Street’s commitment to the Latino community to continue empowering millions of Latinos in the world.

Karinna Berrospi received an invitation to the Entrepreneurship Program of the Pacific Alliance (Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile) for the Latino Family Coaching program with Latin American entrepreneurial families. This is how the Berrospi Sisters continue to innovate with financial education, what will be the next surprise? They will certainly not cease to amaze us.

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