Life Is Short You Have to Balance Your Work Life and Your Passion – Suhail Yousuf Shah

Suhail is a journalist by profession and he owns hotel as he is interested to be an entrepreneur. More than this we can say he loves to travel and so he wanted to explore that zone in a different manner also. That’s why he tried his hands out in this.

Journalism as profession

He is basically from the localities of Kashmir. He choose to be journalist because a tragic back story of his life. The main objective was to make people know about the truths that the society holds deep within itself and even who go through the bad experiences have to keep themselves shut. He want to build courage in people to speak against the injustice faced by them through ages. To make them understand the facts and their rights that can’t be taken away.

The threats involved.

He have to go through do and die situations sometimes. As the job involves risk and is not easy .” The truth always comes with a cost” that was he believes. He used to rush out of to other states when there was no internet connectivity to publish the latest news.

His growing business.

He is the owner of beautiful hotel named Shahnesha in Kupwara. It’s situated at the beautiful location of Kupwara and gives an amazing view from each and every room.

The hotel provides all the basic facilities. The guest are warmly welcomed and they try to give a homely feeling. The comfort and customer satisfaction is their first priority. Rooms are super cozy , comfortable and clean. Delicious food of various delicacies are being served here and proper care of hygiene is looked upon.

His first priority is the comfort and safety of his guest. He believes the Indian saying, “Athiti Devo Bhava” .

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