How to Light Your Success Flame with This Winning Mindset

Are you struggling to reach success? Regardless of what career you have chosen, sometimes it takes time to really be successful. But what measures success? Is success something that just happens to some people? Some situations in our life might make us believe that success isn’t for everyone, but that’s far from the truth! One important belief we must hold close is that each and every one of us is destined for success, it’s just a matter of fully committing our intentions to making it.

Now, you might say: ‘I am fully committed to having the best life possible!’ But are you really? Do you take the steps you need to take every day in order to achieve that success?

Let’s analyze:

Every morning, you wake up with thoughts that will run your day. Whether you know it or not, the things you think about in the morning are the thoughts that will decide what kind of attitude you will lead the day with. What attitude do you choose? Are you giving yourself the opportunity to choose, or are you letting your emotions rule you?

Likewise, before you go to sleep at night, you have thoughts that will most likely dictate what kind of attitude you will have in the morning. Once again, are you choosing these attitudes, emotions and thoughts, or are you giving them a chance to run free inside you?

The only thing in your total control are your thoughts. There is an infinite number of things that you cannot and will not ever be able to control, but you can control what happens inside of your head.

Once you realize the power your thoughts have, you will be more careful with what you tell yourself and how you criticize what you do. We are amazing human beings—our bodies respond incredibly to words. Words are the triggers that set us off into doing things. Use them wisely.

There’s a famous quote by Arnold H. Glasow that goes:

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

Success, much like fire, can be started by anyone. There isn’t a secret kept only for the strong, alpha humans on this planet. It is for anyone who is willing to go and get it for themselves. It requires immediate action; making the decision to no longer be a success flop. Once you decide that you are no longer going to be unsuccessful, you are lighting your success fire.

When this happens, stop thinking the unsuccessful thoughts that run your day, such as: I don’t have… I can’t seem to get to… I am not… All of those negative thoughts are bringing success to you, but in a different way. You are successfully sabotaging yourself. You are tricking yourself into thinking that you cannot achieve success. You are putting your fire out.

When thinking about your future plans, make sure your words are adding fuel to your fire. You made the decision to start your business and did your research. You knew it would be difficult, but not impossible, so don’t be the only thing in your way. Your initiative to be successful was enough to get you up and started on projects that would ultimately lead you to your goals. Train yourself to fuel your own fire. Don’t spark an idea only to let the flame die on you.

Have you ever heard about cases of people lighting themselves on fire in the streets? If you go online, I am sure you will find many cases of people that are so tired of a particularly unjust situation, and they take drastic actions. They light themselves on fire to symbolize the importance of their call to action. In their mind, if they don’t take this extreme measure, even if it costs them their life, nothing will change.

When it comes to business, your mindset must be the same. You must know that in order for you to achieve the level of success you seem to be falling short of, you must light your whole self on fire, not just stand close to the flame to get warm. You must be willing to commit yourself to burn bright for your cause. Your desire to be successful must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

When you have decided that you are going to change the course of your life, you will take action. Your words will reflect that desire burning inside because you will no longer have room for things that are not lit. Your words will no longer reflect discontent with the present situation, but hope and inspiration for what’s to come. Your thoughts will be that of someone whose fire is constantly burning.

Sometimes, wildfires occur, and no one really knows why. Success can be like that for some. For the most part, though, neither of these things can start without some friction, time, dedication, and the proper fuel. Ignite your flame, set yourself on fire, and watch that success flame burn bright.

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