Lil Josiey is Disrupting the Music Industry

Growing up in Amsterdam, a small town in New York, Josiah Gomula-Mosso alias Lil Josiey would never have imagined his music passion would one day turn into a fortune. The ‘punk’ artist has made quite a success in the music industry.

Lil Josiey produced his Big Time Rush album called Elevate that went viral. His fame is on an exponential rise even as he impacts the lives of many young people. He has a dream of recording together with some of the big-names companies.

Lil Josiey’s Musical Success

His first song, “Sunset Shawty,” from his first album ‘Elevate’ now has 3 million streams on Soundcloud. Other hit songs include Heaven Sent, which means sent from heaven, has also gained much recognition.

Lil Josiey is an independent artist who hails from the United States, a small town in New York called Amsterdam. He chose to join the music industry, not for money but for fame. But why did Lil choose this path?

Lil Josiey believes that whether you are rich or famous, you are guaranteed to have money. However, the difference between the two is determined by the work ethic and how to earn fortunes. Did you know that famous people don’t work for their money? That’s right. Famous people don’t do anything to earn their money, yet they have tons of money at their disposal. Rich people indeed work for their money, and they are wise about managing it. That is why Lil Josiey chooses fame over money.

Future Ambitions

He hopes that despite being an independent artist, he will be able to secure a strong recording deal with a major label in the future. Thoughts of quitting music have ever crossed his mind, but he believes he’s not a quitter as music is his passion.

True Inspiration

Lil Josiey is always ready to make music, no matter what time it is, as long as he is inspired. He termed being a solo artist as one of his challenges, as it’s difficult to get music into everyone’s ears as you’d like. Unlike other young musical artists, he says the only time you can catch him in the club is only when he’s performing; he’s in the studio most times.

Asked what he has in store for his fans, Lil Josiey had this to say “I can’t say too much but I got a lot in store for 2021. So just keep up with me and stay up to date cause I have a lot going on”. Catch all of his greatest hits and singles at Apple Music or Spotify or get to contact him through his Instagram handle.



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