Lil Kaycee Is Adding New Flavors To The New York Hip Hop Scene

New York City has always been a place reeking of talent. Many of the great artists of our time have come out of the concrete jungle. The city also the centerpiece of the music industry, being the home to many record labels. The city of skyscrapers have never been so full of talent.

Born Charles Walker, upcoming hip hop artist Lil Kaycee has been in hot pursuit of a career in music for quite some time. Coming from a musical background, the New York bases creative was influenced by his father’s musical taste for as long as he can remember. Kaycee’s father was a DJ, heavily involved in the Queens New York area nightlife. Lil Kaycee began writing songs as early as 10-years-old, but never really took music seriously until he turned 21.

Lil Kaycee has gone against all odds on his journey to becoming an artist. He says the most challenging thing to overcome was getting shot an alarming 23 times. “Honestly the most challenging thing I think I had to overcome was getting shot 23 times I think that was big for me to overcome,” said Kaycee.

Coming from Jamaican decent has allowed Lil Kaycee to build a sound unlike anything else in New York’s underground hip hop scene. Kaycee’s vocals push forward his Jamaican accent, giving his music a distinctive sound. The rising artist has released music that showcases a wide range of different musical styles, including melodic, slower jams, and the UK/NY born drill rap.

More recently, Lil Kaycee dropped a 10-song project called “Still Haven’t Slept Yet”. The project features Kaycee’s dynamic range of sound, and elegant flows. His lyrics on the album give us even deeper insight into who he is beyond his artistry.

Lil Kaycee has been very active in early 2021, which is a great sign for his fans. We expect to see more releases soon, and possibly even another project before the year is over.

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