Lonely Ghost Continues to Bring People Together: Thousands of Fans Travel Across the Country to Party in the Lonely Forest

Indy Blue, Founder of the brand that we all know and love Lonely Ghost, put together one of the most successful brand events that we have ever heard of. Communities from all around the country came together to celebrate Indy and the amazing brand that she has created, while also enjoying some spooky scares. 


The event titled Lonely Forest was set at one of the largest Halloween attractions, the Haunted Forest in American Fork, Utah. It was complete with all the fun things one may need to celebrate Halloween, including a 45 minute walk-through of the Haunted Forest, music, food, tattoos, palm readers, and of course a Lonely Ghost shop. The Lonely Ghost gang came from all around the country to partake in the fun and we are so jealous.

This brand has grown immensely throughout the last two years by opening their first retail store, building their social media presence, and obtaining a boat-load of fans. The party sold out at 1500 tickets, and the team at Lonely Ghost feels so honored by this amazing turnout.

“We would like to continue doing it every year and it was so fun. We are so grateful to have gotten to meet everyone and spend time with the people we love!” they said. Be on the lookout for a second chance to visit the exclusive Lonely Forest. 

The community that Indy has created is like no other. One group of girls that call themselves the Ghosty Girl Gang definitely stand out. These fans all live in different parts of the country and met online through the love of Lonely Ghost. They all came together at this event to finally meet in-person, surrounded by people just like them.

One of the girls in the group, Eve, said “Traveling 2000 miles to a part of the country I have never been before with girls I have only met through text and facetime was insane. I am so thankful for Lonely Ghost and the community they created”.

Another fan, Celia, who is also a part of this amazing girl group said “Indy Blue. She is not just an influencer, she’s family. She’s the kindest soul”. All of these girls share the same love that Lonely Ghost has fostered ever since they started this killer brand.  

Lonely Ghost has created a brand and fan base that does not compare to any other. Indy Blue is so thankful for the support and the good vibes that Lonely Ghost gives the world. In an interview on ABC 4’s Good Things Utah , Indy shared that “By wearing an ‘I love you say it back shirt’, you are instantly able to make connections and meet people.”

The growth and following that this brand has experienced is something to be amazed by, and we are so excited to watch them continue growing. Find out more about Lonely Ghost on


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