Madison Street Capital Expands Coverage into the Sports Media and Entertainment Sector

Madison Street Capital a Global Middle Market Investment bank is pleased to announce that we have launched a new division of our firm with a complete focus on the sports, media, and entertainment space. This new coverage group will be led by Managing Director Derrick Monroe.

Derrick will oversee this new division and bring his extensive background and years of dedicated experience to our offices. He has developed the entire framework for this division from the ground up for Madison Street Capital.

This new division will be based out of our corporate offices in Austin, TX. There will be additional expansionary services provided via our Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles offices. Our plan is to ensure that wherever we have a presence we’ll be able to cater to this clientele appropriately.

Who we aim to work with?

For this new sports, media, and entertainment division, we’re going to be focused on engaging and serving relevant personalities and celebrities in their execution of a variety of corporate finance transactions. We’ll also be focused on working directly with their management teams to offer a comprehensive suite of investment banking services not just for the celebritiesand personalities at the forefront of these deals but for the core teams that work to support them as well.

As the landscape of the sports, entertainment, and media market continues to change more M&A deals are being positioned and executed by celebrity led teams.  

The “SME” (Sports, Media and Entertainment group) will focus on investment banking services related to mergers and acquisitions as well as capital fund raising transactions, based on the needs of our clientele.

This is a highly specialized and lucrative target audience that requires a unique and curated approach to executing transaction and providing integrated investment banking services. We aim to bring the full support of our extensive track record and resources to help support Derrick and his ever-growing team towards success.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a strong commitment to integrity and service. We help providecorporate finance advisory services, valuation, merger and acquisition support and, and financial opinions to our core corporate clients.

We primarily work with middle market firms across various industry verticals. We’re extremely excited to be a part of a market that we previously had minimal interaction with and see this as a new way to expand our presence in the market building upon MSC’s previous track record of success.

Feel free to reach out to our corporate office or to Derrick Monroe directly for any type of enquiries and more details on our firm capabilities.  We cannot wait to see the future success of this new division and for Derrick and his team.

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