Malak Al Housseini is a famous Lebanese television presenter and anchor born on September 9th, 1993, in Lebanon. The famous celebrity enjoys the multi-platform experience and is fluent in English and Arabic languages. She is always open to grabbing the interesting and challenging opportunities that can positively influence her personality. She is known as a successful model, fashion designer, actor, and journalist. She has presented fashion, sports, art, news, and politics on a well-known daytime TV show for several seasons. She has worked as a presenter and moderator in various TV channels and is known for her prominent statements and explanations.

Excellent Communication Skills

Good verbal and interpersonal communication skills are essential for collaborating with others, especially when a news anchor. Malak Al Housseini is famously known for her excellent verbal skills. She is always present-minded and tries to convey the information and clearly. She is deeply loved for her choice of very respectful words. Even if she interviews famous celebrities, she avoids creating controversies by presenting false news.

Strong Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of Malak al Housseini is beyond expression. She has a great knowledge of her field and thus, is deeply admired for her research-based information and knowledge. She does not believe in the wrong or controversial news, rather she is always open to studying before breaking any news. She considers herself a student despite her having an ocean of knowledge related to her field. She can process new information such as searching, prioritizing, organizing, and retaining a plethora of incoming data.

Great Interviewing Skill

Most of the anchors don’t know what’s the importance of interviewing someone with demanded information. But Malak al Housseini always understands the graveness of interviewing, such as what people want to know about a particular issue, what elements are missing from a particular story, and the outcome after interviewing. She has a great ability to draw information through informed questioning and listening to the interviewee.

Facing Crowd with Friendliness

Malak Al Housseini is always busy meeting new faces in a crowd full of strangers with great friendliness. She is charged with a positive spirit that helps her make a friendly connection with the audience seeing her probably for the first time in their lives. Among the other important traits, a smile is always considered one of the most followed ways to seem friendly. Thus, being a popular anchor, Malak Al Housseini keeps a big smile on her face even while dealing with unforeseen situations on the backdrop.

Humble and Down-to-Earth Nature

Most anchors fail to keep humility when they get hype or fame, but Malak Al Housseini is a true example of humbleness. She is the one who always helps her audience feel comfortable at the venue. She knows how to use simple hacks like praising the audience for their attention, enthusiasm, and spirit. She always praises the venue and the awesome arrangements that are made especially for her. She is expressive of her feelings and thus always shows to the people how privileged she feels about the opportunity of hosting any particular event.

Multitasking and Mindfulness

Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you are an anchor. But Malak al Housseini, due to her amazing experience, can do it without a second thought. She takes her producer’s instructions through her earpiece while simultaneously scanning new information from social media. She carefully listens to what the other team reporters and interviewees add while interviewing them, monitors the incoming video, and live-tweets the relevant information to the regular watchers. The latter expect information from her in multiple formats.

Sense of Timing

Malak al Housseini has got the sense of timing for her speech and explanation. She exactly knows when to condense or expand her speech, when a certain story needs refreshing or recapping, and when to stop speaking without even looking at a clock to fill the minute while waiting for a satellite window, live feed, or interviewee. She has got all this talent with her experience and intense hard work.

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