Management Tips from Andy Kabamba, CEO of 365 Management

What does it take to succeed in music and entertainment artist management? In the very informed opinion of Andy Kabamba, success in the area is usually built on five factors: consistency, persistence, loyalty, honesty & hard work. All of which have helped Kabamba to build a remarkable firm, the Beverly Hills-based 365 Management. Kabamba recently took the time to celebrates the company’s success as it crossed its five-year milestone, as he looks ahead to an even more promising future.

Currently, Kabamba and 365 Management manages an eye-opening roster including superstar T-Pain, Grammy award winning Producer Dre Moon (latest hit was Heartless by The Weekend), multi-platinum songwriter and producer Artist A1 (SPRNGBRK) Bentley whose big records are (No stylist & Hot boy Bling by French Montana, Party & Wrist & Grass Greener by Chris Brown, and Something New by Wiz Khalifa) just to name a few.

Kabamba also represent big screen Actor & Artist Lakeith Stanfield whose has an outstanding resume. The blood nephew of NBA legend Dikembe Matombo, Kabamba has many friendships and relationships in the NBA, and hopes to represent NBA and other athletes in the near future, allowing him to be more deeply involved in one of his other true passions.

“I am blessed to be doing exactly what I want to be doing,” commented the passionate Kabamba. “I got my foot in the door in the entertainment world as a choreographer, and from there I was able to grow into management. Things are going amazing, and I am happy to see my clients doing so well now and with such bring opportunities in all of their professional futures.”

Originally managing producers, then adding artists, followed by actors, the evolution of 365 Management has been quite impressive. Kabamba’s attention to detail, his devotion to all nine of his clients, and skills in negotiations have all added up to something very special. Of course, nothing good comes without hard work and sacrifice. For Kabamba this meant making it through more than a little financial hardship, emotional stress, and even some physical obstacles as well.

And this brought 365 Management to where they are today.

Kabamba remarked, “I specialize in guidance in an artist life and music career organization which leads to be most known for is putting together big records and bringing artist or producers big deals money moving deals life-changing deals… What sets me apart from others is the ability to paint a vision and be able to do the vision as well such as being multi-talented as a performer and coordinator, being forward and direct goes a long way in this business.”

Connect with Andy Kabamba and 365 Management at @akvisions

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