Manish Kumar Singh- Entrepreneurs are not made, they are born.

Creating a buzz within the digital marketing space, Manish Kumar Singh is here to inspire others together with his novel digital ideas. Being the youngest himself within the vast field of the web world, Singh motivates others through his excellent line of labor. Manish Kumar Singh is that the Co-Founder of Initiators Media. He founded his company with Avinash Singh back in 2019.

People come and enter the large & deep ocean of digital marketing because not many can provide great insights & ideas which will help within the advancement of the ever-growing field. The industry needs folks that are often the rationale behind its enormous growth & can cause a positive change with their innovative efforts. Marking his name within the list of such youngsters is Manish Kumar Singh. This young guy is all about newness & innovativeness within the field of digital marketing. At a really young age, he’s the person behind his lucrative businesses into the web world & the rationale why his businesses have grown in leaps & bounds during a very short period of your time.

What is interesting about Manish Kumar Singh is, he’s earning projects from the western world where they need top names already and to grab projects from such big names isn’t a little achievement alongside Avinash Singh.

Manish Kumar Singh is setting a superb platform for the young generation together with his progress within the Digital world. We hope that he train people under him in order that India too is available the list of top IT providers companies.

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