Mao Lal of Coinygram LTD Reveals His Bitcoin Mining Journey

Mao Lal officially got into the blockchain industry in 2010 after he started mining Bitcoin with his personal computer. It has been a decade of greatness and disruptive moves and the serial entrepreneur recently shared his experience with the world as he talked about some relatively hidden facts about himself.

“Based on the previous question, this fact probably fits very well: In 2010 I started mining Bitcoins with my own computer. At first, I didn’t realize how easy it is to become part of the network and benefit from it. My enthusiasm when I was able to mine the first Bitcoins after only a few hours was huge,” said Lal.

Prior to discovering the amazing powers of Bitcoin mining in 2010, Lal already had his hands in the entrepreneurial space, founding the Deutsches Edelmetallhaus in 2003 after discovering the signs of the times and consciously took up the trade of precious metals. After his military career with a focus on operations, project management and leadership, the acquisition of the officer’s certificate (diploma) as well as the qualification as a business economist, he decided to lay the foundation with the precious metals’ trade. As owner and managing director of the German Precious Metals House and with the publication of specialist literature on the subject of gold, Lal has established himself as a sought-after expert in the field. Lal seems to be able to identify untapped opportunities as his assumption has been confirmed years after he made his first move, with the trading of gold, silver, and other rare commodities taking an increasingly important role in the financial sector today.

In a similar situation as what was obtainable with trading in precious metals, Lal has mastered the art of milking the digital currency space as he continues to mine Bitcoin and has gone on to own his mining farm while helping others to enjoy the amazing benefits of the technology, ten years after he started mining on his computer.

“Today, about 10 years later, I continue to mine Bitcoin. Of course, I have long since stopped making a profit with my work computer. But I have used the time to build up my own mining farm in Norway,” said Lal.

According to Mao Lal, the successes recorded by his businesses have spurred him to keep going. “This is basically very simple and is also what will probably drive most people silently the most: Success! Those who have achieved their first big success achieved it with their own hands and their own mind, and have gone through all phases of entrepreneurship will know the overwhelming feeling of having made it. To see your own company grow is simply indescribable,” said Lal.

Lal believes in constant growth, learning, and networking with same-niche experts. He also encourages to keep oneself up-to-date with the modern innovations and market trends that will help him stay unbeaten in the virtual mining industry in the long-run.

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