Matthew Petitto talks about his overnight fame

As an 18-year-old young man living in Staten Island New York during the middle of a worldwide pandemic, what else is there to do besides download one of the world’s most famous apps known as Tiktok. After downloading the app in July 2019, it wasn’t until January 2020 after hitting 1 million followers that Matthew Petitto’s account blew up. At the beginning of his fame, Matthew Petitto was one of the few Italian influencers on the app. He looked to make tick-tock‘s regarding Italian culture versus the one of American culture, and his videos seem to gain a lot of attention.

Petitto would like to take credit for the trend of “what you do says about you” and claims after he blew up people continued to make their own spin-off versions from his own. When Matthew first downloaded the app he did it simply for activity and something to do while on his phone. He never dreamed of becoming the influencer that he used today with such a large following, but now that he is in that spot he looks forward to what he can do in the future for his audience.

Prior to becoming a social media influencer, Matthew was also in the acting industry. Featured as an extra in the WuTang American trilogy, Matthew decided to turn to social media in 2019. Creating his Tiktok account in 2019, he has already gained 3.7 million followers on that platform. After just recently starting with Twitch, he has already been verified after the first two weeks. Matthew speaks on Tiktok and how it has helped him gain millions of fans and says he does it to ”make people laugh”.

With TikTok blowing up in the last two years it has definitely had its ups and downs. With that being said influencers like Matthew Petitto focus on the greater aspects of things and he discusses his favorite parts of the app. Matthew enjoys being an influencer and he looks forward to making people laugh every day. One of his main goals is to ensure that his fans will get a good kick out of the content he is posting and he enjoys hearing the feedback from his audience. Now that he has begun to start the Twitch journey, he looks forward to creating a new fan base and audience on a completely new social media platform.

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